Остин Уилсон: 5 фактов о новом парне Деми Ловато

Остин Уилсон: 5 фактов о новом парне Деми Ловато

Wherever demi Lovato and Austin Wilson, the happiest place on earth. These two lovers just had a romantic date at Disneyland, so find out all about the new guy demi.

It took more than two months since 27-year-old demi Lovato went public with her new boyfriend, 24-year-old Austin Wilson. Lovers celebrated this most favorable case, going to the Magic Kingdom. Demi and Austin went to Disneyland, where they were seen as they rode Space mountain. They were photographed in midway, and, although demi had a smile from ear to ear, Austin’s eyes were tightly closed. Think tattooed hottie demi does not like roller coasters. But who is the new boyfriend of demi?
1. He’s a model. Austin is a model from Los Angeles. He has filled his account in Instagram with photos of their pictures. It’s designed for brands such as “For Those Who Sin”, “Civil Regime”, “Baxter of California” and others. Apparently he’s been doing this for years.

Остин Уилсон: 5 фактов о новом парне Деми Ловато
2. It’s all painted. At the moment, it is impossible to find a place in Austin that has not been painted. A new man in demi loves his tattoos. On his shoulder is written the inscription of Marilyn Monroe, near the collarbone says “Forever grateful” on his chest — a couple of flowers, and on the knuckles — “Stay gold”. And he’s not going to stop until every inch of his skin will not be covered. He even shared a photo of how he makes a new tattoo on December 14.
3. He is the son of a famous figure skater. Austin’s father is a living legend in the world of professional skaters. George Wilson — one of the first Z-boys “Venice beach”, which, according to Vogue, “led the movement of skateboarding on the West coast in the 70-ies”. The last twenty years, George has worked in the fashion world.
4. It is often next to her mother. Austin’s mom — Ana Castronovo, who works in the company yoga Spiritual Gangers, reports Heavy.com. On Mother’s Day he wrote her a beautiful message online. “Mother’s Day, mom. I love you more than anything. Thank you for what you brought me into this crazy world.” And on may 25, she celebrated Austin’s birthday.

“Today you not only 25, but sober year! I’m so proud of you!!!! I wish you all the best that life has to offer, starting with inner peace, confidence and love!! I couldn’t ask for a better son — unconditional love and support, which I also have, beyond words — I love you beyond time and space !!!”
5. Austin and demi have been Dating for a few weeks. “My girlfriend is very hot,” wrote Austin in his post on Instagram December 15, about himself and demi. A post published a month after demi announced their romance. She shared a picture of Austin kissing her on the cheek in Instagram. She called him “My heart”. Although they were together for very long, the source said that she sees it as “long term potential”.

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