Аврора платит дочери за хорошую успеваемость в школе The presenter is trying to stimulate the baby. Irina Yudin, better known under the pseudonym Aurora, said that the heir should get only good grades. It is based on grades, parents decide what to make a gift.
Аврора платит дочери за хорошую успеваемость в школе

Host Irina Yudina in the mid-90s, went by the code name Aurora. However, when she gave birth to a daughter, she decided to call it a sonorous name under which itself for many years appeared on television. Soon a girl turns 14 years old. Presenter admits that getting along with a teenager – they are traveling with the whole family and spend a lot of time together. However, the celebrity has admitted that Aurora doesn’t have enough incentive to study. To encourage a child to knowledge, she has to go to the trick.

“We even switched to a system of payment for good grades 3-4 grades. Then he switched to a system of accumulation of money on gifts… the Man is from childhood accustomed to the fact that the works that his work is paid. That’s fine, in my opinion. We also cultivate social inequality: displayed on any bum on the street and say, “Here, he did not go to school!” But what to do? We have different ways to interest the child and stimulate him to learn,” admitted Irina.

Yudin did not hide the fact that my daughter had any questions about why parents spoil her classmates, and she did not so often give what she really wants. However, the TV presenter continues to impress upon the child that her success in studies or other spheres of life can become a valid reason for the additional gift.

“We have a daughter there talking about it. For example, she said that her friend was given a brand new gadget, although the girl very badly. Aurora is surprised: “But you’re telling me you buy the gift, but only if I study well!” I answered her: “Yes, and this rule will continue to work for us. There will be no gifts for three, not gifts, if there are no achievements, because that’s your job, it is the actual your earnings!” – says Irina.

But now TV presenter, together with her husband came up with another reward system of the child. If the girl will finish the school year, parents can give her a trip abroad or an expensive gadget.

“Aurora’s birthday is in June, so at this time, we are always at sea. Every year in Montenegro we have approximately one and the same company is going. It’s always very cosy and homely holiday where everything is simple and all fun. Yes, of course, the daughter is to loud and luxurious holidays, their classmates, but it is not envious,” – says TV presenter in an interview with “Leider”.