Нетипичная первая леди страны Имельда Маркос

Steel butterfly of the Philippines Imelda Marcos. Although the story of this first lady unfolded in the last century, but the legends about her go still. Because instead of state or diplomatic missions favorite thing Imelda, who was shopping.
One day in the new York boutique, the wife of the President spent more than $ 3 million and that, for a moment, in 80-e years. Only a amount of shoes from famous fashionista reached 3 thousand pairs.
Staggering amounts of money the first lady rolled for apartments, cars, paintings, pearls. Yes there says, even the toilet paper she used a special – handmade from finest silk!

When in 1986 her husband’s regime was overthrown, the presidential couple was accused of causing damages to the country amounting to more than $ 90 billion. Imelda on all charges just yawned in court. “I’m tired of listening to one a million to one a million here – it’s such a small thing!”, — said at the meeting the first lady.
Incredibly, when all the passions subsided in the Philippines former first lady was three times elected to Congress in the country.
For the ability to live happily and to keep the love of fellow Imelda Marcos is without a doubt entered the history of world politics.

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