Attorneys Jolie vyzvat in court Jennifer aniston

Адвокаты Джоли вызвут в суд Дженнифер Энистон

Not only that, Jennifer aniston has suffered because of the departure of ex-husband Brad pitt to another woman, so now forced to appear in court to stand on the side.. his wife Angelina Jolie.

Western media reported that the lawyers of Angelina Jolie had the nerve to subpoena Jennifer, to get her to testify against the Nonsense and tell “the truth and nothing but the truth” about his addiction to drugs, alcohol and outbursts of anger.
Edition Radar Online reports that even then, fifteen years ago, pitt was already abused illicit drugs and behaved inappropriately, and if aniston will subpoena official summons, it would have to participate in this show to the end.
Recall that recently a friend of Brad Melissa Etheridge has accused Jolie and her lawyers that they are spreading disinformation, pitting society against pitt, the main goal of this false campaign is to blacken his name and destroy his reputation.
Meanwhile, the children, cares about so Angie, feel unhappy living cooped up and not being able to see his father. The couple reached a temporary agreement which will last for another couple of weeks. So Jolie went for it, his Delirium had to nekoexmachina and to make a number of concessions. The children still remain with Angelina and pitt can occasionally to visit them. The actor has said that after the divorce never to marry.