Лечащий врач Джорджа Клуни раскрыл неожиданные подробности его личной жизни
The actor has resorted to a radical method to avoid unwanted fatherhood.

George Clooney

According to the online publication radaronline.com in order to give his
lawful wife Amal the opportunity to become a mother, George Clooney had to make a difficult
for him the decision. Says a new York surgeon, who asked
reporter edition will keep secret his name, George used his help
to regain the ability to be a father.

As told to the doctor, the first time he met George in 1997. Then the actor
came to him and announced his willingness to undergo vasectomy. Clooney explained that emphatically does not see itself in
Roddy’s father, and would like to exclude
the possibility of accidental conception. The operation was done, and the next time
the surgeon saw George only 18 years later — in 2015. it Turned out that the actor for
this time, he reconsidered his views and asked to carry out an operation
the restoration of the temporarily lost the function that was done. Now
absolutely happy wife Clooney looking forward to the birth of their
twins, who, as told by the mother of George should be born in

It’s hard to say how reliable this information is. But, anyway, they
do not contradict what was said not just the actor himself. For many years he claimed
what is fundamentally does not want to have offspring because they do not feel
yourself “instinct that causes people to breed”. And besides, George said he believes the education of children is too important
the work to which he was completely unprepared. During this time, Clooney had a lot
girlfriends-beauties. But none of them never became pregnant by George. At that
as Stacy Keebler — the last of the girls he met
before the fateful meeting with Amal, gave birth to a baby from her new Beau
just a year after breaking up with George. Yes, and many of his old girlfriends, like,
for example, Elisabetta Canalis, also has managed to become mothers.

As for the George, as he admitted, “meeting with Amal
changed everything in his life, including prospects.” Simply put, he fell in love with
my wife, having forgotten all their previous views. Now that Amal
pregnant George, as he announced a couple of days ago, ready to give up
the traditional way of life. Clooney, who has always been very easy going and
rarely was sitting on the ground, announced that henceforth decided to change the “geography” of their movements.
“Amal, we can’t afford to travel in a dangerous country. I
won’t go to South Sudan or Congo, and she is in Iraq. In the coming years
we intend to run between Britain, USA and Italy!” — told the actor.