На свадьбе у Даны Борисовой споет Валерий Меладзе The TV presenter is planning a new wedding in the summer of 2017. Elect Dana Borisova is a 31-year-old Alexander, whom she meets early may. According to star, they are already converged and became one.

      На свадьбе у Даны Борисовой споет Валерий Меладзе

      Three months later, after a divorce, the presenter received a proposal of marriage. Dana, along with 31-year-old fiancé Alexander is planning a wedding next June. They start Dating from the beginning of may, and during that time they had become family for each other.

      “We met four years ago in “Audi center” where I bought my Q5,” says Dana “StarHit”. – He came to me. We got to talking, he offered coffee. So we began to chat. Spent a lot of time together, walking, chatting. But then why something did not happen, and we fled. Four years my car has served me faithfully, and then broke an important detail in the engine, and master I immediately said “repair – at least 8 thousand dollars.” I came to a good mechanic at the Lenin Sloboda, where there is also a karaoke restaurant. And what was my surprise when I found the Alexander! By the way, that night with me took pictures and a visitor, the pictures of which hit the media with headlines “Borisov is married to Armenians.”

      На свадьбе у Даны Борисовой споет Валерий Меладзе

      In recognition of This, the feelings have flashed with new force. Alexander looked at her with loving eyes so it was years of separation. “After that meeting, we called up a few times, and then set up a meeting for may 9,” – said Borisov.

      Victory Day Alexander with Dana and her daughter Pauline were walking around the city, went to the cinema, and in the evening watched the fireworks. Polina liked uncle with kind eyes, making her and her mother compliments all the way. New choice teledive was the owner of several dealerships.

      “When the school year ended, I took the daughter to the mother in the Crimea,” continues Dana. – There was so good that I changed four times tickets… During that time, of course, podostyl my feelings to Sasha. Arriving in Moscow, told him about it. He tried and brought our relationship to a new level. For the next three weeks we bonded and became one”.

      When Dana visited Alexander in the house, he cared for her as a cordial host. “With a real man feel like a woman − says Borisov. – He likes to please me that I have forgotten what to cook for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I especially like pasta with tomatoes and cream in his performance”.

      Not done the couple without quarrels. The first major altercation occurred a few weeks before the engagement. “Actually, he has no bad habits, except for the snoring. But one detail bothers me – Sasha was terrible jealous, ” smiles the actress. – Because of this we even had an argument. Three times changed the password on all devices, because I caught him reading my messages. And he answered me came the message: “This is Dana’s husband. I ask you not to write and not to meddle in our family!”

      After the armistice, immediately followed by an offer of marriage. Alexander made his home, giving his beloved a Cartier Love ring. Was going to get married in early September, but decided to have a more lavish wedding. Dana Borisova showed engagement ring

      “Spring the trap, get ready for a celebration, because he wants everything to be perfect. The singer already chosen – Valery Meladze”.

      Finally to strengthen the relationship, the man decided to make the bride the Royal gift he buys for her with Pauline house in the exclusive village of Rasskazovo, where he lives Dima Bilan.

      “Immediately stipulated: “the Property will write to you from the Fields!” − says TV presenter. We have chosen accommodation, but for me this is a serious step. I’m a mother myself don’t belong! Daughter goes to school in our area, and go from Rasskazovo will be harder and longer… But Sasha manly reassures me: “Love will solve all problems!”

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