At the “Patrol” single: on the screen comes the film based on another book by Sergei Lukyanenko

По «Дозором» единым: на экраны выходит фильм по еще одной книге Сергея Лукьяненко In the network appeared the teaser picture of Draft. In March next year, fans of the novels of Sergei Lukyanenko will be able to assess another adaptation of his works. The author admitted that he was looking forward to when his book will be the basis for the script.

In 2004, the Russian cinema screens out the film “Night watch”, which was directed by Timur Bekmambetov based on the novel by Sergei Lukyanenko. The picture was a huge success – box office receipts broke all records of that time in our country. Two years later appeared in theaters, the sequel “Day watch”. After that, the book Lukyanenko more not filmed.

However, in the spring of next year, fans of the science fiction writer will be able to see in the cinemas the movie based on his novel Draft. Rentals will appear in the same film, telling the story of a Muscovite, who suddenly loses everything that was dear to him. The young man lives in his own apartment in Moscow, working for a prestigious job, he’s got lovely parents, friends and girlfriend. However, once he realizes that his life is literally “cancelled” – it does not remember loved ones, he has a “blank” passport, there are no property rights. Then he learns about his mission for a secret mission – he becomes a customs officer between parallel worlds.

27 Dec came the teaser of the film “Draft”. Before the video Sergei Lukyanenko appealed to the audience and told us a bit about what they’ll see.

“It’s been 13 years since the release of the film about “the Watchers”, and all this time I was waiting for the other characters in my books will appear on the big screen. And this moment has come. Sergei Mokritskii present to you the “Draft”. Now we can show you the very first teaser, which consists of a video sequence with virtually no computer graphics, consider it, but I think that even in this scenario, you can clearly see that the film turned out – and this is most important,” – said the writer.

The premiere is scheduled for March 15. The main role in the film played by 24-year-old Nikita Volkov, who is known for the film “Dance to death” and the TV series “the Crisis of tender age.” Also in the “Draft” viewers will see Yulia Peresild, Evgeny Tsyganov, Andrei Merzlikin and many others. The estimated budget is 200 million rubles.