На концерте Димы Билана прозвучал взрыв
The singer showed courage and bravery.

Dima Bilan

Photo: @bilanofficial (Instagram Dima Bilan)

Dima Bilan’s concert in
Minsk was not as planned. Towards the end of the performances in the hall
nightclub, where he performed Russian singer, sounded a loud explosion, and the scene
disappeared behind the smoke. Unexpected cotton greatly frightened the audience. Groupies
panic started screaming, the chaos began. It lasted about a minute, until Dima
again no longer visible on the stage. “What was that?” — outraged the singer. As it turned out, the reason
the unexpected explosion was the camera “shoots” in the direction of the dance floor confetti. But
this time instead of trying to please fans of spangle, the device is “spat out”
just a puff of smoke.

By the way, Bilan, as
a true professional, kept his head and, as if nothing had happened, continued the concert. By the way, for the last time
— this is not the first time for Dima it could end sad. About a week ago he was late for his flight after flight was made
an emergency landing due to a failure in the system.

By the way, recently became
it is known that Dima is again participating in the filming of the movie. He was invited to
the role of the Maltese Corsair in the film “Gardemariny 1787”, directed by
will perform Svetlana Druzhinina.

“This is a serious
dramatic role — says Svetlana Druzhinina. — Sing in this film Bilan not
will, and he himself doesn’t want it. His character is a serious man. His name is
Giuliano de Lombardi. The plot of Le Corsaire disobeyed the orders of their rear Admiral
and came to the aid of Suvorov in the battle of Kinburn”.

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