At the Christmas Tree stole the song

У Елки украли песню The crime happened in the center of Moscow. The singer attacked the Tree of the unknown in the mask and pulled from her chest with the song. The incident was filmed on video.

      У Елки украли песню

      The Internet has got the video that proves that the Christmas Tree became the victim of a robbery. In the video a famous singer symbolically puts a piece of paper with her song “Provence” into the box and goes outside. Suddenly, it runs the stranger in the mask and grabs a valuable thing from the stars. From such impudence Tree loses the power of speech. Hiding from the crime scene, the robber takes off his mask and shows the face. The bandit turns out to be a music video Director and musician Garik Burnyshev. It holds the trunk and says, “hit It”.

      This is the script of a teaser to a new track Burito “Megahit”. The fact is that in the song the musicians openly use the tune of “Provence”, which brought unprecedented fame Tree. The team soloist Garik Burnyshev believes that this move allows us to show an ironic attitude Burito in universally accepted formats, but also, to do a kind compliment dear friend the Tree.

      “It’s the music that will allow you to smile, forced to dance, and, thinking the listener will again give an occasion for reflection, the meaning of which is laid between the period”, – told about the new song Garik.

      Judging by the reaction of the Christmas Tree, a new version of their own hit her quite happy. However, fans of the group believe that to assess and objectively to understand the creativity of the team can only after listening to the official release of “Megahit”.

      Recall, Burito and Elka cooperate is not the first time. Last joint work of the musicians, “You know” became a real success in all music charts of the country. By the way, the video for this song attracted more than 20 million hits on “YouTube”.

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