На крестинах сына Калашниковой произошел взрыв

The son of a former lover of Daniel Prokhor Chaliapin finally found spiritual parents, in the past weekend took place the christening of the boy. The ceremony passed in Bogoroditserozhdestvenskoy the temple, which is located near he home of the parents of Anna in the village of Poyarkovo, Moscow region.

As admitted herself a young mother, this temple she was not chosen accidentally. In this place, which is over 350 years old, she often asks for help from God, it is close to her in spirit: “Love this place, come here often to ask God for help. This temple is 361 years. He prayed, and there is a priest who is very close to me in spirit”.

Godmother Dani were Irina Zhirkova – the notorious wife of football player Yuri Zhirkov. In the religious processions of the Pope (then fans have been waiting for Kalashnikova that godfather will be the did not come true) was chosen as the singer and composer Andrey Kovalyov.

The mystery of Anna has decided not to call many guests, and to make it as a family, because in addition to parents Kalashnikova at the baptism of Daniel was empty.

“Very worried, but everything went well. Thought Dan was frightened when he will be dipping into the font, but no, didn’t even cry. Listened to the Holy father and the godparents did not make a fuss”, — said Anna your impressions of the event.

Upon completion of the baptism of the Banquet continued in a country house Kalashnikovs.

We can not say about the unusual sign, which made itself felt during the sacrament.

At the beginning of the baptism in the lamp exploded lamp, but my father calmed everybody and said it was a good sign.

Let’s see if it’s actually.

We will remind, one and a half years Anna Kalashnikov took Prokhor Chaliapin’s nose, claiming that Daniel was his son. The Studio program “Let them talk” it turned out nasty for both the truth, what was the cause of the rupture of all relations that bound Kalashnikov and Chaliapin. The Studio program Andrei Malakhov later Anna told me that this story is largely ruined her reputation and even her parents refused the daughter, noting that she even disgraces the name Kalashnikov. Now, apparently, the relationship of the family more or less work out.

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