На церемонии «Эмми» разразился криминальный скандал
The star of “Sherlock” had been robbed, until she received the prize.

Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington

Photo: PA Images/TASS

actress Amanda Abbington, which was entrusted the role of the wife of Dr. Watson in
the TV movie “Sherlock”, where the famous detective plays Benedict Cumberbatch,
became a victim of ruthless robbers. They robbed Amanda directly during the ceremony.
This story became known directly from Abbington that
painted his mishap on Twitter.

Criminals took advantage of the moment when
the actress went on stage to work together with colleagues to receive the prize
awarded “Sherlock” — in the category “Best TV movie”. While Amanda hoped that
the audience were exceptionally worthy of the audience, left my purse on the chair.
And when she came back, I discovered the loss of their property. The actress was
extremely upset happened with her trouble, because in her purse
in addition to Bank cards, were still
mobile phone and driving license Amanda.

offensive about this story is that although Abbington came to the ceremony and
her boyfriend, Martin Freeman, who incidentally plays in the film her
wife — that is Dr. Watson. But Martin at the time
robbery also was not at the crime scene — he also went on stage together
with colleagues, to participate in the prize.

and Amanda is a very friendly couple. They have been together for quite some time: their romance began
back in 2000, when they met on the set of the film “Only
men. Since then, Freeman and Abbington live together and raise two children,
which in that time gave birth to his wife Amanda, son Joe And daughter grace.