В школе Виктор Добронравов стеснялся девочек The actor, who is celebrating his birthday, he remembered his childhood. First, Viktor Dobronravov lived in Taganrog, and then his family moved to Moscow. The future actor was fond of basketball and music, and also actively participated in various competitions.
В школе Виктор Добронравов стеснялся девочек

The childhood star of the TV series “Not born beautiful” was held in Taganrog. The local school Viktor studied until second grade and then the family moved to the capital. Konstantin Raikin invited father Victor, Theodore, work in the theater “Satyricon”. He, without thinking twice, agreed. In Moscow Dobronravov enrolled in a boarding school № 16 on Prospekt Mira. He quickly joined a new team and became the first leader in his class. March 8, Victor turns 35. On the eve of the anniversary, the birthday boy said “StarHit”, why not communicate with classmates.

Like to target

“I was just a schoolboy, – says the actor. – Of the subjects, he loved history, geography, and, of course, physical education. I think every guy liked to run around and play football! And on chemistry and physics had to work hard. Of course, now I understand how the world works, what its laws, but then I could solve puzzles in a few hours.

With homework, helped mum and dad, they took an active part in my life. Always looked after, not allowed to get into bad company and was interested in the success. I remember when I was very young, my father often said: “you know, you which sport is closest?”
В школе Виктор Добронравов стеснялся девочек

I was like a basketball, and he began to teach the proper handling of the ball as it is conducted, that is not selected opponent, and to get in the ring. In the yard there was a cart there and were training. The results were good, so the school is also enrolled in this section. Skills are very rescued. When our team was sent to the competitions or Championships, we have always come away with a victory. I still do not mind to leave the ball. Yes, even just on the wall!”

The sport was not the only hobby of the Victor. In high school Dobronravov became interested in music. “When I was 15, started in a jazz-theatre school Sergei Z. Kazarnovskaja, – Victor continues. – Learned to play the saxophone, and later mastered the guitar. Our class was distinguished by unity, we often met after school. Glad as a teenager I avoided the problems with drugs or alcohol. With friends luck. Even I do not remember that with someone fighting, but if someone is hurt, had to intervene. I have still left school mates. However, because of my occupation seldom see each other”.

Male Duo

Creativity Victor immediately noticed the teacher. So Dobronravov was an active participant in the initiative.

“Competitions, KVN, chorus… it just So happened that I was present, – says Victor. – Once we even performed together with the Pope, by the way, it was not yet known. At the school-wide celebration we sang the song “Wind of change” from the movie “Mary Poppins, goodbye”. The audience loved it, some even cried. No exceptions I have not been given if sent to the principal, the father could punish…
В школе Виктор Добронравов стеснялся девочек

Remember, we loved the discos. Several classes will gather in the hall and watch as the youth lights. However, during slow songs I did not dare to approach the girls and invite some of them to dance. Probably because humble and shy. Still kept these qualities, but not complaining. They did not prevent to create a family. I have a beautiful wife and two daughters!”

However, when it came to the extreme, the future actor had never left. “I lived in the area Pigweed other Groves, shares Dobronravov. – Was located not far from Riga station. Secretly from parents climbed on the roof of cars loaded with coal or sand. However, while climbing, rolled down several times. Knees and hands were covered with horrible wounds and bruises. Don’t know how we all bone was not broken. I like to say: “Man miraculously survived a boy!” This phrase is exactly about me.”

В школе Виктор Добронравов стеснялся девочек