At pitt there are audio recordings, incriminating Jolie

У Питта есть аудиозаписи, обличающие Джоли

Divorce Hollywood couple is gaining momentum.

In the media with enviable regularity there are new details of the family life of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie. Amazing how the former lovers tell each other nasty things. We no longer know where truth and lie.

Today, for example, it became known that brad is thinking about how to present to the judge a secret audio recording made during a visit to his wife’s therapist, after listening to that it can deprive of custody of children…

On the tape, according to the publication, Radaronline, reveals some shocking information about the actress, after a UN goodwill and mothers. It turns out that Angelina is not as peaceful and tolerant as it seems. Celebrities have a whole bunch of problems: nervous breakdowns with swords drawn, refusal to eat, the desire to be one and with no one to chat with and even thought about suicide…

Of course, such as Jolie could be temporary. And the reason for that was. According to statistics, almost every woman undergoing surgery to remove Breasts and ovaries, depressed and unstable mental behavior.

There are chances that the dirt pitt is nothing like revenge. Not so long ago his bodyguard Kris Herzog told reporters that the children no longer call the actor by the Pope.

“Children turned away from him. During the last date, they barely talked to him and even called him “dad” or “father”,” said Chris Herzog. Read more HERE.

Also close to pitt sources said that lately he’s not himself: very thin and fixated on work. By the way, at the recent presentation of the film “Allies” in Paris brad really did look exhausted.

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But Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem at all worried. Yesterday she for the first time after the announcement of the divorce appeared in public, presenting a video message in support of international policy in relation to children. We have to admit that Angie looked refreshed and otdohnula. Or maybe this light was delivered successfully?