At Nastasya Samburski suspected anorexia

У Настасьи Самбурской заподозрили анорексию
The actress has dramatically lost weight in the shortest possible time.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: @samburskaya Instagram Nastasya Samburski

Nastasya Samburski has long promoted sports and healthy lifestyle. Sports figure of the actress until recently, many motivated at the gym. For his well-developed musculature the actress even earned the nickname “the female Batman”. But Nastasia has published a new picture taken after a workout and it seriously bothered her numerous subscribers.

In the short term Samburski noticeably thinner. Some of her admirers even suspect that the actress could begin anorexia. “It’s all Nasty? What happened to her?”, “Is it me or she initial stage of anorexia?”, “That’s not cool! So thin…”, “Turned into a skeleton… sick?” — guessing fans.

Perhaps the secret changes in the figure Nastasia lies in the fact that her work schedule became too busy and she can’t afford to relax. In addition to performances in the theater, requiring more and daily rehearsals, she recently became the host of two television programs. She got an offer to hold a post in the “General cleaning” and is a culinary column in the show “Friday morning”. In addition, she is actively involved in writing new songs under the guidance of his producer Victor Drobysh. And recently, Nastasia has announced that the upcoming summer will hold. “I realized that this summer, without a vacation. Will not be a bikini… with a cocktail on a lounger with a five-meter pareo on the beach, on a donut in the pool with legs in the warm sand. Will not tan. But it will be a happy old age! And a servant with a glass of water!” — she wrote.