At Harvard, students are offered a history course on “Game of thrones”

В Гарварде студентам предлагают курс истории по «Игре престолов»

Fictional science. The course “Real “Game of thrones”: from modern myth to models of the middle Ages” will appear with the new academic year in the notorious Harvard University.
According to the publication Time, during the course students will get acquainted with the history of Westeros, created by the writer George Martin and described in the cycle of novels “a Song of ice and fire”, which formed the basis of the HBO TV series “Game of thrones”.

While studying this course students will be drawing Parallels between the events in the books and the key archetypes of the middle Ages. The creation of this course is its co-founder, Professor rachi Kirakosian pushed the Parallels between the popular HBO TV show, and epic poems. Then the teacher thought, why not use such a high interest in the series to interest students in history.
It is noteworthy that “Game of thrones” came in handy to create another course “Linguistics “Game of thrones” and the art of creating languages”, however, it can listen to only the students of the University of California.
Recall that the penultimate season of the series will be released on July 16, and next year will be the final six episodes of tallpoppy.