At Evelina Bledans almost attacked by terrifying insects

На Эвелину Бледанс едва не напали страшные насекомые The actress was going to fly to Simferopol. At first nothing foretold troubles, but soon passengers were asked to leave the cabin. As it turned out, happened on Board emergency depressurized one of the containers in the cargo hold.

In mass media there was information that the flight from Moscow to Simferopol was supposed to leave at 9:35, but passengers were evacuated due to depressurize the container with the insects in the cargo hold. It flew about a dozen bumblebees. The airline took the decision to replace the aircraft. The flight was delayed for a couple of hours. At the moment, experts are checking the incident.

As it turned out, the plane was TV presenter and actress Evelina Bledans. The star joked about the incident on social networks.

“Bledans on the plane was bitten by a poisonous bees” or “Vnukovo attack killer bees,” the irony of Evelina in the microblog. This morning, sitting in an armchair of the plane from Moscow to Simferopol, I stayed in it for long. The nervous voice of the flight attendant ordered everyone to leave the plane as the Luggage compartment of a bee broke through the packaging and follow the direction of the cabin and the cockpit. From reliable sources it became known that specially trained wild bees”.

Bledans thanked the employees for what they promptly came to the rescue. “And if not for our alert service, the first thing I would attack pilots, and then they ate and passengers. All bitten was sent to the bee prevention from rabies. Thank you for the timely replacement of the Board!” – wrote the actress in the microblog.

Previously, Evelyn admitted that she’s nervous before departure. The fact that recently the TV presenter began to experience hearing problems. When the actress was sent to Irkutsk, she has bad ears. Star turned to the flight attendants who were able to provide her with necessary assistance. Upon returning to Moscow Bledans immediately went to the doctors.

As always, Evelyn has shared his impressions of the experience in social networks. Celebrity lamented the fact that rooting is “awful.” Particularly unpleasant in this state to engage in public work – to conduct the event, take pictures or read the dictation. “To be completely helpless and at the same time strong! Well, that took the decision today between the plane and the shooting to call the doctor, and could the hearing lose” – shared Bledans.

The star admitted that she had to like the procedure. In addition, Evelyn forced herself to sleep during the day and to drink plenty of fluids. The situation was aggravated by other flights, scheduled presenter. Judging by the tone of the post Bledans and her condition improved.