Astrologer: my son Sobchak will be a complex character

Астролог: у сына Собчак будет сложный характер

Well-known European astrologer Olga Aristova said, what will be the nature of the child of the famous TV presenter.

Recently Ksenia Sobchak first became a mother, her son was born recently in the clinical hospital of Lapino “Mother and child”. And even though the baby only came to light, Woman’s Day has managed to figure out what will be his character when he grows up. This helped us to Olga Aristova, well-known European astrologer.

Horoscope boy – the Scorpio, and this means that the nature of the firstborn of the famous TV presenter will take after her, as she Ksenia was also born under this sign.

“Among all zodiac signs Scorpios for a reason is a very special place – explains Olga Aristova. — A feature of this begins to manifest itself already at a very early age, so children-Scorpions do not look like their peers.

First of all, it should be noted that they are patronised by the element of water, and they are completely consistent. Deep, secretive, emotional, they do not recognize the authority and almost from birth, guided solely by their own logic. The little Scorpions are extremely vulnerable, sensitive and very vindictive. If you insult the child-Scorpion, scared him, or struck a chord, rest assured, he will find a way to get even with you”.

However, according to astrology, people are different depending on what decade of the sign they were born. Those who were born in the first decade, as the son of Sobchak, people are open, active, stubborn sharp with a striking inner core. They are capable of very witty and prone to serious self-criticism, but never allow others to know about it. They are very capricious and free-spirited.

Ksenia Anatolievna should know if she and her husband want to have with your child a close relationship, have to trust Chad and provide maximum freedom. What to do is very difficult, but after their kid will fully justify the confidence placed in him and in return will treat their parents with great awe and respect.

“Boys-Scorpions – proud, independent and strong since childhood, continues the astrologer, They can be too cocky and listen to the opinions of others only if we accept the counselor as unquestioned authority. But if that happened, they will be caught on the fly every word his mentor and nothing will dare disobey him. They usually have a lot of friends, but for each they will stand up, not sparing himself, from an early age and their friendship will carry through life. Of course, if their confidence will not be eroded: the Scorpions is a very loyal sign and require the same from their environment, plus they are extremely jealous and do not forgive neglect yourself.”

Scorpions have good health, very strong and hardy. Rarely get sick and almost never pretend to draw attention to himself: pity humiliating for Scorpio at any age.

Raising the little Scorpion is a very challenging task. Ksenia do not be shy to openly show their feelings to the son. He needs to feel wanted and loved, then the kid will grow up a strong personality and a balanced life-maintain a very close and trusting relationship with their parents.

By the way, in the future the son of Ksenia Sobchak may become a popular showman, virtuoso surgeon, politician or athlete.