Astrologer: 10 words that ruin your life

Астролог: 10 слов, которые разрушают твою жизнь

Famous clairvoyant, Vedic astrologer Arina Evdokimova about ten words you can’t pronounce.

“Life can be better” – many people this idea is visited quite often, but becomes a call to action. Although the path to positive change is to start now and do it with an analysis of their vocabulary.

It is necessary to recall some words with negative connotation you use in speech most often. The fact that such words have not only a deep meaning, but also have the power of attraction of negative energy.

This means that they limit your options, and slow dynamics. And actually, why is this happening? Because thoughts become words, words actions, actions habits, habits to character, character is fate.

In addition, negative words insidious way control life: reduce motivation, turn into a negative experience, gradually change the Outlook on life and even affect the physical condition weaken the immune system, cause stress and, consequently, depression. So it turns out that seemingly harmless first sight words are the real “kings” of life dramas.

Such words in our language and lexicon of each person very much. But we will try to consider only ten, which are used most often. I want to give you some advice: take a sheet of blank paper and write on it the negative words that go with you through life, look at them very carefully, think over the contents and try to replace them with positive words.

If still some negative word slips in speech and it cannot be avoided, remember the magic words “BUT”, of course, if it starts positive and life-affirming in all senses of the phrase. After all, there are words that sound like a good optimistic team to action and resistance to all troubles in life. So take control of your life using positive words.


This characterization of the other person and myself has a huge destructive force: it hurts! Our ancestors tried not to utter the word, because they believed that thus hurt both own and someone else’s guardian angel. And if for some reason the word was out, then spit over your left shoulder to ward off the troubles and hardships. Therefore, this word can not speak primarily to children.

With the help of his friends try to conduct a little experiment. Stand up straight and extend your arms. Ask one friend to say that you are a bad person, and another to try to lower your hands. You see, even if you try very hard to keep his hands spread out, he will drop them easily. Then you again raise your hands. Now let you say that you are a good man.

You will notice: now lower your hands will be very difficult. The body responds to defend or not to defend. Bad – no protection, no power, good – accordingly, energy of the information field is enhanced, as a result, it provides enhanced protection.


This is one of the most limiting words that can be called “word-gate”.

As soon as you allow this word in their lexicon, once you hear it from other people more than three times, you start to learn from someone else’s pattern of behavior, however, and someone else’s destiny. Pronouncing the word “can’t”, you lower the barrier and lose the ability to act.

Unconsciously you start to do everything to ensure that you nothing worked. As you speak the words you change the view of your further development to success, and that means changing a planned result of the most success.


Never, under any circumstances, it is not necessary to pronounce the word. More often it sounds, the less energy you have left. “Tired” in the lexicon has the effect and energy of a boa constrictor by an invisible whip. And to your consciousness the command “finish”. Along with this word you get a signal: there’s no hurry: doom, despair, impossibility. That’s what a lot of destructive depression imposes forms of human consciousness one word “tired.”

Whatever the circumstances, we should strive to avoid this word because it is one of the key moments in the consciousness of each person. Try a few times to say the word out loud, and in your memory will occur immediately depressed pose of a man with his hands down, and you take destructive-depressed position. This is natural, because each one of you at least once watched as a tired man.

The word “tired”, you say often, can lead to insomnia, as the subconscious mind receives a command to seek in the body the reserves to action. You, without noticing, begin to get agitated and angry for no reason. Every time there is fatigue, try to modify the words, for example: I did a good job, I worked hard. As a bonus you will receive the miracles of destiny.


Dangerous remember in vain, and even more so to call evil spirits. Believe me, she takes a large fee.

Our ancestors were very attentive to this issue. They studiously avoided the words “damn”, “devil”, “demon”. Were considered: to speak means to call. If you are just sometimes utter such words, and enter them in your everyday speech, it is in your energy field as a signal of belonging to the dark forces that over time can attract something in common is called spoilage and the evil eye.

Of esoterics and representatives of the Church, from my own experience of communicating with people, have concluded that in everyday speech, speak of the devil, they immediately attract the representatives of the dark forces and immediately get into fussy and helpless life events. In my practice there was a case when the word “hell” constantly and without reason were the lexicon of a successful businessman. When departing from swearing, it all words have replaced the word “damn”, he insulted the word negligent, in his opinion, employees in anger called his wife and children. Even in the gentle encouragement of women in his mouth sounded like “you bitch!”. Business partners he was referred to as “hell”. When problems arose with the law, he was sure that he ordered the partners, the mistress made a love spell or a spell.

Everything was simpler: the universe plunged it into “a hell “vanity, as the energy plan is a bustle of energy and unpredictable events occur around the person producing that word. Even photographically aura appears as a dark brown spot after the man swore a few times.


Everyone knows the saying: “Never say never”. But it’s worth considering that this word has the strong potential to put obstacles in the development of life. Ever – so anywhere, under any circumstances.

How would you positively did not say, for example, cheerful as ever, your fate hear this combination of words challenge. The ancient Indians said: “do Not say no in anger or in despair or in joy the word “never”. Fate was at the door and immediately gives you something from which you have just denied”.

Uttering this phrase, you unknowingly turn on the software fears of anything and turn off the counter the negativity. External circumstances accept your challenge and create all sorts of unpleasant and provocative circumstances.

That’s why it’s so important to be careful with your “never”. Uttering this word, you must understand that entering into a dispute with the Creator. And God always and anything is possible.

Fool, fool

Despite the fact that in Russia the word for a long time it was not offensive curse, not stressed negative characteristics of the person and is often met in fairy tales as a cute description of the image of Ivan the fool, it should be avoided.

Its value lie not only such meanings as “stupid, crazy”, but another meaning: simple, rootless. If you often hear this word in the address, there is a certain addictive, followed by confidence in his own inferiority. However, the one who utters it, destroying itself and projects the word on his identity. The word “fool” is in the genetic makeup of the individual perception of how offensive and degrading.

Therefore, it occupies the lower level on the social and General assessment of the human ladder. Automatically reproducing the word “fool” in the address or someone else’s, the person begins to behave contrary to social behavioral norms and justifies the behavior of a beggar, buffoon, which in Russia was considered a fool.


Word-a stigma that is difficult to deduce if it is they can assess their achievements in all spheres of life – from personal to professional. It becomes an obstacle in the path, because the statement of fact that a fortune and in life there is luck and happiness, makes every effort to unbelief that the implementation of the plans and General happiness is more than possible.


People often say the phrase: “Hope dies last”. Therefore, the word spoken with great emotional message, rejects even a little hope, and the person is left without this faithful companion. Medical scientists proved scientifically that the word “unlucky” affects vision and hearing. The man, who reportedly pronounced the word as if voluntarily gave his body the command not to see and not to hear those who says that. And, as a consequence, and the whole world with all its pleasant surprises.


Mental anguish and anxiety, sadness and despair – that’s what settled in life longing. And if repeatedly thinking or talking about his life, to pronounce this word, it means that even himself deeper in a dreary state and hang on your life a negative label. As you know, depression is a harbinger of many diseases. No wonder the synonyms of yearning are the words “depression” and “melancholia”.

The curse! Curse!

This is the strongest power of the word we often hear in various situations, for example when you have to stand in multikilometer traffic jams or fail to do something that is very annoying.

Even more dangerous to curse other people. At the moment of pronouncing these words triggered the strongest negative program. It turns out that people like cursing himself, doomed to sickness, tragedy, unhappiness, dislike. No matter how you are angry at someone, don’t say curses.

I have almost every day faced with the aftermath of this terrible energy program. It is capable to deprive of the happiness of several generations, born from a cursed man. Suffering and the one who cursed. Once saying such a terrible word, be ready that your life can change for the worst.