Асти, Алика Смехова, Андрей Малахов и другие гости мероприятия Luxury Health Day
2 June 2016 in Moscow restaurant “River” was an exclusive event Yulia Bogdanova (Enhel Group Company), which was called “LUXURY HEALTH DAY”.

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This evening was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and the latest technology healing, longevity and rejuvenation.

The event was attended by more than 350 VIPs. Among them Olga Kabo, Alika Smekhova, Avraam Russo, Alexander Revva, Alexei Yashin and other well-known media persons, businessmen, doctors, scientists — all those who care about their health and follow the news from the world of technology youth and beauty. The host Andrey Malakhov presented to the guests of the organizers, sponsors, and announced the official opening.

The main theme of the event was a healthy way of life, which were devoted to expert presentations, and all presented technologies and products. The hostess, founder and President of the company, Julia Bogdanov made a presentation of their holding, told about the main directions of its activity, among which, in addition to the development and promotion of products and technologies of beauty and health, there is division designer sportswear consulting services in the field of international business projects, video channel about beauty, travel and healthy lifestyle.

Guests of the evening enjoyed great cocktails and smoothies prepared on hydrogen water, and gorgeous treats. For the guests of the evening were: Denis Cleaver, Artik&Asti, as well as a young team, The Jigits, who performed a medley of famous songs, including the song “Julia” dedicated to Yulia Bogdanova.

A pleasant surprise for the guests became the fashion show of Yulia Bogdanova: bright sports clothes from environmentally friendly materials with participation of stars of rhythmic gymnastics.The culmination of the evening was the raffle from the sponsors, which was conducted by Yulia Bogdanova and Andrey Malakhov.

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