Успенская призналась, что водила машину в нетрезвом виде Queen of chanson always honest and straightforward. And again she surprised the audience. This time Lubov Uspenskaya admitted that they had driven a car, being in an alcohol intoxication. However, promised that such will never happen again.

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya – American citizen, who for decades living and working in Russia. Here is her home, friends and popularity – the assumption concerts are always sold out. Love does not hide that in America continue to live her brothers, a daughter, was buried there by her father, but still she is now better in Russia.

Assumption is always a welcome guest on television, because the most outspoken. This time she became the heroine of the program Yuriy Nikolaev “I swear.” And again were honest. Talked about love, and patience, that I would like to fix those flaws, which finally managed to cope.

“I will never sit behind the wheel while intoxicated. Even if I drink one glass of wine. And when it was something that I did. Had a similar experience recently. I was arrested in America. But better – than ever. And not because he was punished, but because I realized that because of me people can get hurt,” – told the assumption.

Lyubov Uspenskaya is now 63 years old. The singer has been through a lot of misery and suffering: she was raised by her grandmother and father, but the mother died in childbirth. At the age of 17, Love have buried their children – newborn twins. The singer at times recalls those sad moments, but in the Nikolaev all talked more about his current happy life.

The assumption, recall, is married – for the fourth time. Her daughter Tatiana 28 years old, and she and her father most of the time in the States.

“She’s finding herself. She perfectly plays the piano, she perfectly draws. Here she fell in love with the artist, beginning to draw. She had an affair with a musician began to sing. Went to America, she thinks, speaks and writes in English. She has a choice, it’s good. I’m sure she’ll succeed. She has complete financial freedom,” – said the love of a daughter.

Assumption admits that her character is a tough, explosive. Despite the experience, she never learned to control their emotions. What was said, and has remained so. “I’m very forgiving, but very quick-tempered. Should I go to special courses. Otherwise, I can not!”