Помощница Задорнова опровергла информацию о состоянии здоровья сатирика

Assistant Zadornov has not confirmed the appeared yesterday in the media about the deadly disease satirist, the treatment of which yields no results. As Michael himself prefers the press not to talk, to take the rap for it has its representative to the Secretary-Elena Savarino.

Recall that yesterday the newspaper.Ru reported that brain cancer literally devours Michael, and treatment does not give results. Despite undergoing surgery in Germany to Jurmala, Latvia, as well as chemotherapy, Zadornov is fading away, and seeing that the treatment does not bear fruit, he allegedly refused and on its last legs in your Baltic home.
The journalists managed to contact the Secretary Michael. The woman was not very talkative and merely stated “the Information which appeared today, is not true”, without delving into details.
Recall that about cancer Michael became known last fall, when the Council abruptly canceled a tour of the Far East. At first he was silent and did not comment on the rumors, but soon he had to admit that he was sick, and that he will long-term treatment.