Помощник Дональда Трампа призвал расстрелять Хилари Клинтон

It is terrible to imagine that Donald trump will come up with next in his presidential campaign. Assistant offensive candidate from the Republican party defended his employer and confirmed his words, said earlier during a speech in Delaware.

So, during his speech, as usual, teeming with all sorts of gems, a trump stated to the electorate that if Hillary becomes President, can repeal the so-called “second amendment” that allows free possession of weapons. Not myself, of course, and with the help of the Supreme judge, who will have the right to appoint, if below it will be the presidency. Trump has hinted that to save the situation can only supporters of the second amendment” for his radical actions.
Many took the words of Donald as a direct threat to the life of Mrs. Clinton, and trump immediately interested in the relevant authorities. The former head of the CIA Michael Hayden stated that “it was not a slip of the tongue” and that time intelligence agencies work more closely with the controversial politician to avoid political assassination.
Yesterday the assistant to trump al Baldasaro confirmed trump’s words and refused to take back his words about the fact that their political force believes that Hillary “should be shot for treason”. Meanwhile, Donald went further and said that “Barack Obama is the founder of IDIL”.
Speaking in Florida a few days ago, presidential candidate accused the incumbent head of state in connection with a terrorist organization IDIL.
“IDIL respect Barack Obama because he’s the founder of IDIL. Okay? He is the founder. He founded IDIL” — said trump. Clinton, in his opinion, the co-founder of the terrorist organization. It remains unknown how such awareness at the Donald trump.

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