Помощница Эдиты Пьехи: «Ради спасения детей она помогла мне встретиться с Анатолием Собчаком» A former Director of the orphanage told me how for ten years they helped Edita. Sometimes the artist had to go to various tricks to achieve the renovation of the buildings and improve living conditions for kids.
Помощница Эдиты Пьехи: «Ради спасения детей она помогла мне встретиться с Анатолием Собчаком»

On 31 July, a famous singer Edite Pieha marks 81 years. The audience does not get tired amazed at the positive energy that comes from a popular singer. However, leaving the stage after a concert, the artist never ceases to amaze everyone who has ever met her in person.

Nina chuvashova know about the good heart Piekha firsthand. Now this woman works as an assistant artist in her country house, and many years ago she served as Director of one of the Leningrad children’s homes, which long helped the singer hits all-Union.

“In ten years, many things happened. At concerts in lieu of flowers piece often gave soft toys, they accumulated a lot, and she brought them to us. I remember when she came on stage in the auditorium and from her eyes poured tears. Between engagements she always called and said, “Nina Vyacheslavovna, I am in town for three days, I’ll have problems?” And when the orphanage had no problems? Even once the dishes and Cutlery for babies get”, — shared memories Chuvashov.
Помощница Эдиты Пьехи: «Ради спасения детей она помогла мне встретиться с Анатолием Собчаком»

According to the former Director of the orphanage, her Edita Stanislavovna brought the case. The singer wanted to help children, and eventually decided to choose those orphans that found a temporary shelter in the orphanage №53, because she lived in the house with the same number.

As in the Soviet period deficit experienced all this, even the popular singer piece was difficult at times to get what he needed her charges.

“Once traveling with the tour and agreed with some merchant. He was carrying the whole compartment microwave ovens, and she was persuaded to give ten Grand to the orphanage. I then was indignant: “what for such excesses, when there is no basic things?” But she said, “We’ll figure something out. Will come in handy.” And they came in handy. After a week of Edita agreed with the construction company, and we barter the repairs made the entire first floor instead of on the stove. It was a holiday,” — said Nina Vyacheslavovna.

As it turned out, financial assistance is not limited. Edita a lot of contact with children, tried to solve their problems. When the artist learned that in a school with many orphans do not communicate because of their origin, she was horrified. In the end, the singer called for a parent meeting with the grandson of the Stas, who told how he is friends with many guys left without moms and dads.

Once Peha even helped his future assistant, to get on reception to Anatoly Sobchak.

“In the 70-ies started the program “Children at home without children” – increased the grant to the guardians of orphans. Children were taken from orphanages packs! Came face dubious and asked: “is This where the kids issue?” I didn’t give any child. Understand that all children will return to us as soon as the benefits will reduce. Remember Edita helped me to get an appointment to Anatoly Sobchak with this problem. The program is then revised, reduced benefit,” — shared Chuvashov.

Over time, Peha had no strength to look after the orphanage. However, Nina Vyacheslavovna it is closely talks so far because she is now helping her around the house. Dealing with “KP”, Chuvashov noted that after so many years she hasn’t changed a bit, maintaining her characteristic kindness.