Asmus and Kharlamov merged in a passionate kiss

Асмус и Харламов слились в страстном поцелуе Spouses act like they’re on their honeymoon. Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov shared with fans a short video which show how to behave like a couple with four years of experience of family life. The husband and wife are encouraged to feel their love.

Actress Kristina Asmus and humorist Garik Kharlamov for four years happily married, couples known a teenage daughter she. But despite the family experience, Asmus and Kharlamov act like you just recently got married. The couple did not hesitate to publicly give each other signs of attention and often do not hold back emotions. Celebrity couple shared with fans a video recorded probably during the celebration of the birthday of his grandfather Garik Kharlamov. On a family holiday entertainer spoke yesterday.

In the video Christina and Garik several times passionately kiss each other. In the pauses, the actress simultaneously and invitingly, and the hooligan smiles at the person who takes the video. The backdrop for demonstrations of conjugal affection became famous composition “On the sea, the sea” performed by the group “kvatro”: “On the sea, the sea, cliffs devotees, you’ll give the surf…” – sounds in the video.

“Feel our love” – called fans of Kristina Asmus.

She has placed in his microblog a story full of passion and fire. Subscribers were delighted from the video. Star they wish the couple happiness and admit that a little jealous of them.

“Lucky your husband is such a gorgeous woman loves him. God bless you for years to come!”, “You are just adorable. Nice to see a really loving each other couple. In our show business is a rarity”, “Happiness to you, handsome! You both just the center of harmony! Look at you, and the soul rejoices!”, “One hundred and seven times looked, felt. Here it is, soft. Cool like”, “I thought Garik only joking can. But also to love. Great,” admired by fans of the relationship of Christina and Garik.

Recall that Kristina Asmus married Garik Kharlamov in 2013, and after a few months, in January 2014, the actress wife gave daughter. Nastya was the first born for both parents. Last summer, Kharlamov and Asmus noted the importance of the event: the fifth anniversary of the relations. The actress shared a video in which the husband congratulated her on the remarkable date right during the next performance. Such a romantic gesture touched herself as Christina, and her many fans.