Ashton Kutcher told about her first kiss with Mila kunis

Эштон Катчер рассказал о первом поцелуе с Милой Кунис
The future spouses came along, because of cigarettes.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis in the TV series “That 70’s show-h”


During his recent interview, Ashton Kutcher told an amusing story about how
under any circumstances first time he was able to kiss his future
wife Mila kunis. This story appeared on the website

Actually, as already told earlier
Ashton, 39-year-old Ashton met with kunis about 20 years ago. He was
19, and she is only 14 years old. At that time they also had a purely professional relationship — they were partners on the series “That show 70-x”. However, according to the script, Mila and Ashton played
lovers. It was then, and had their first kiss, which Kutcher
however, according to fake.

“It was terribly embarrassing. I was even afraid
then that breaking the law kissing a minor. Besides, I treated
Mile, as his younger sister. So the situation in which I was forced
to do this, it seemed to me utterly baffling. Nevertheless, our first
a technical point of view, the kiss was captured for posterity on
the film…” — says Ashton.

So, as told Kutcher, he’s Cute
there were two of the first kiss. One long-standing, “television”. And the second
a real one that happened when they met again many years later — in 2012. “We “crossed” on
a party of friends and chatted for a long time. I felt then that between us
“have chemistry”. And then I lit a cigarette, and she turned out to be only
quit Smoking and suffered terribly from it. And Mila leaned over to breathe
tobacco smoke. She leaned closer and closer… our lips imperceptibly
United…” — said Kutcher.