Эштон Катчер сбил подростка и отплатил ему селфи

One day, 19-year-old Leo marangi went on the scooter to school to pick up children, for whom he was supposed to look. Heading in the direction of the building on the scooter, suddenly he felt a jolt in the back which fell off the vehicle and broke his knee. As it turned out, the driver hit him tesla was Ashton Kutcher. He immediately ran from the car to ask about the condition of the victim…

Эштон Катчер сбил подростка и отплатил ему селфи

Guy hands has suffered, and to pay the damages asked for…a selfie! So, the accident was not a tragic event, but rather a happy occasion to get a photo with a famous star! “I fell and then saw, as he runs towards me Ashton Kutcher. He was very sweet and was really worried about my condition. He asked if everything was okay, and I asked for a selfie. He was in shock that after all this I just need a photo. But actually, I also felt guilty, because I was on the scooter, I was not easy to notice. The next day after it happened I felt worse, but it’s all right”, — shared his impressions unexpected encounters Leo with People magazine.

Speaking of expensive cars, which has Ashton: his children, the actor and his wife will not indulge, so I hope they’re not so secure manner to behave on the road. Recall the Hollywood stars who are raising two children – three-year old daughter Elizabeth Wyatt and a one year old son Dimitry is going to leave them without an inheritance. About this Ashton said in an interview podcast DAX Shepard. Earned money the actors decided to pass to a charitable organization.

“We’re giving the money to charity,” said Ashton.

Such an act is not without reason. Star parents want to motivate their children to succeed on their own, and not with material support from their parents. However, no support Wyatt and Dimitri will remain.

“If they want to start a business and make a competent business plan, I invest in their project, but again, not going to create a trust Fund in their use. Thus they will be motivated on their own work,” explained the actor.

By the way, in this kind of solution Mila and Ashton not the only one. On exactly the same principles last year said British chef Gordon Ramsay, raising four children. Previously the decision to leave children without an inheritance, said the founder of Microsoft, billionaire bill gates and singer sting.