Ashton Kutcher has admitted that his divorce from demi Moore has opened his eyes to many things

Эштон Кутчер признался, что развод с Деми Мур открыл ему глаза на многие вещи

American actor Ashton Kutcher became the winner of the award RobertD.RayPillarCharacterAward in the category of “role model”. But, in a speech to the audience about this event in public, the actor said that his is hardly an example given of what “sins” by a number.

“I guess I’m the first person to receive the award, behind which arrest pending sentence for burglary and trespassing, the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms and the definition of “womanizer” on the cover of all the tabloids, “said Kutcher.

Not spared Ashton talks about his family. According to Kutcher, he felt great happiness, becoming a family man in the full sense of the words: “When my wife and I became parents, I realized how amazing it is. My first instinct was to call my parents and say, “I’m sorry that I never realized how much you love me”.

By the way, Ashton is trying to be a full time dad and help his beloved wife in the education of their children: “I woke up early to Mila longer NAP, and took up our children. I think I’m cool, caring, all that… But she woke up and said, “Well, are you tired? And I — every day””.

Somehow the conversation was translated in the plane of the divorce of Kutcher with demi Moore. The actor says that the experience he also appreciates and considers it an important part of his life: “experience of divorce was important to me. I understand that it is unworthy, but just going through it all myself, I was finally able to accept the divorce of their parents, who survived 13 years.”