Эштон Катчер подарил Миле Кунис птиц на День святого Валентина

On the Ellen DeGeneres stars often tell interesting stories from his life. Mila kunis attended the show and told a funny story about how Ashton Kutcher made her a gift for Valentine’s Day.

“On Valentine’s Day Ashton gave me two pigeons. We took them to a specialist on birds, which told us that it is not lovebirds, and parrots. Now we have two small parrot. They are not love birds, because love birds don’t look like that”, — said Mila.

Recall that in a recent interview, Mila talked about kinoindustrii, pregnancy and husband. Starting with the film industry, the actress said that she almost did not change. “I don’t think the film industry has changed over the last 20 years,” says Mila. The girl said that the work of women filmmakers for her more comfortable, because the condescending and less screaming.

“There is a significant difference and a big advantage in working with women Directors. Anybody each other does not cry, no one is angry. At seven in the evening you go home so you could have dinner with their children. It’s perfect!”

At the moment, the actress is actively fighting for equality, providing support to young writers trying to change things for the better. Kunis is not afraid to take risks, and undertakes work in films that can not be recouped. Mila remembered how tried to collect the Actresses for the filming of the movie “Bad mommy” because then the picture was not “doomed to success”. “I already had a baby and I was pregnant with another. So I’m not thinking about work. I tried to make the others took part in the filming. But many refused,” she admitted.

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