Эштон Катчер и Мила Кунис вместе с детьми провели выходные в Диснейленде

This weekend the 41-year-old Ashton Kutcher and his wife 36-year-old Mila kunis spent with your children in Disneyland. Like all adults, star couple remained in awe of this magnificent place.

Эштон Катчер и Мила Кунис вместе с детьми провели выходные в Диснейленде

On his page in Instagram Ashton wrote: “a Magical weekend in Disneyland! This was Walt’s fantasy”,

In addition, the man showed his fans with a Cute photo, but the couple decided not to put on public discussion. Naturally, the whole family still got pictures of other visitors of the Disneyland. Curious fans could not resist not to photograph a family on vacation.

Ashton and Mila decided mentally to relax with the kids at Disneyland because of the sensational scandal with memoirs of demi Moore. So fans are still waiting for Kutcher any comments on this. Particularly piques the interest of the public the text of the tweet from the actor, where he wrote the following: “I wanted to push the button to send a passionate message, but then I saw my son, daughter and wife and removed it”.

While Eton pretends that nothing happened, and candid stories of his ex-wife refused to comment. He fully enjoys his current life, so, for example, last week he and Mila kunis went to a baseball game.

Let us wish the star couple the long joint days of life and the speedy extinction of the gossip around their family.

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