У Эшли Олсен роман с престарелым пузатым художником

Twin sister Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate has already found her female happiness in the face of a businessman Olivier Sarkozy, who is older than her more than 10 years. The same way goes for Ashley. Actress-designer has his eye on the man next to her is difficult to imagine.

Fragile, petite Ashley is interested in 59-year-old renowned artist George Condo.

Last weekend saw a couple for dinner in one of new York’s restaurants. It would seem that the meeting of the pair, separated in age gap of 29 years could be business in nature. But, alas, eyewitnesses say that Ashley and George behaved like a couple in love, constantly holding hands.

“It was obvious that something was going on. From the outside it looked like she was having lunch with his grandfather, but they held hands and cuddled” – quoted a source Page Six.

Note that familiarity Olsen and Condo held in 2015. Then the elderly artist was invited by the sisters to design the facade of their store The Row in new York.

It is important to note that the press secretaries of the couple declined to comment.

Fans of Ashley in shock from her choice, as seen next to my favorite more young and worthy candidate.


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