Ashley Olsen is Dating an older man

Эшли Олсен встречается с пожилым мужчиной

Olsen twins showing interest in men significantly older than themselves. November 27, 2015 Mary-Kate is married to Olivier Sarkozy, brother of former President of France, which is currently 47 years old.

Sister Mary-Kate, Ashley, went even further in the choice of “older men” and has eyes for Richard Sachs, who is known in certain circles as “bump in the world of fine art.” Accurate data on the age of the man no, but we know that he is nearing 60.

Эшли Олсен встречается с пожилым мужчиной

Informants who communicated with the press, said that Richard is actually “a great guy who owns several precious objects of art.”

“He’s very secretive and a little eccentric,” added the insider.

The assumption that between Ashley and Richard may be the novel appeared after a couple noticed in new York together this weekend. They were walking through the Hamptons and looked like a couple.

We will remind, earlier for Ashley Olsen has already noticed the trend of fascination with older men. So, she was involved in a relationship with the CEO of Oliver Peoples David Sultan, was also interested in the 58-year-old artist George Condo.