Ashley Graham with donuts on his chest was shocked by the Internet users

Эшли Грэм с пончиками на груди шокировала интернет-пользователей

Ashley Graham is one of the most striking patterns of size “plus”. The girl has long proved to the world that no one and nothing can force to feel ashamed of his body. 29-year-old Ashley leads a very active life in social networks, which often publishes pictures and videos spicy nature.

Recently, Ashley participated in a photoshoot for Glamour magazine, backstage with shared with your followers chief editor of the publication. On his page on Instagram, Gillian Davison posted a video with Graham, which was perceived by the public is extremely ambiguous.

In the video, posing Ashley Graham on the belt in the Nude. From underwear model was abandoned in favor of donuts – two sweet circle Ashley put it to his chest, thereby covering the most savory places. In the caption to the video Jillian wrote: “I love bread”.

Barely the video appeared on the Network, users began to comment, noting that the food should not be a shield offensive. However there are also those who love Ashley to your body is my sincere envy and admiration, and posing with donuts they don’t see anything wrong.

Note that Graham himself loved not always. Not long ago, the model admitted that she had to go through many trials to get where she is now: “I, like many girls full, passed through the torment and humiliation. Met the boyfriend, who threw me, as I feared I might be bolder in the future.”

To cope with emotions and self-esteem Ashley are alone just standing in front of a mirror: “Sometimes I Wake up with the thought that I was the fattest woman in the world. Then look in the mirror and Express their own arguments. “You’re brave, brilliant and beautiful,” I say to myself. Looking at the hips, added: “I love you”.

Ashley considers herself a person capable of changing public opinion on full models, and the girl looking at that others will become more self-confident: “We need more role models that can tell us the truth about your body: “Yes, I have cellulite.” My career is a clear indication that the fashion industry is changing before our eyes. Before and had no idea that a girl my size to appear on the cover of Vogue”.