Эшли Грэм снялась для обложки журнала Vogue и дала интервью о будущем ребенке и своих попытках похудеть

Эшли Грэм снялась для обложки журнала Vogue и дала интервью о будущем ребенке и своих попытках похудеть

32-year-old model Ashley Graham and her husband videographer Justin Ervin about a month, will become parents for the first time. In the fall of 2019 model participated in a photo shoot for the world famous gloss Vogue, and how was the survey can be seen in January 2020.

Journalists talked to Ashley at the time when she was pregnant on the 5th month. The model shared her story about what her life has changed, although the baby is even born.

The celebrity said that she sometimes like to be alone with him, however, when she is in a public place, it immediately becomes the center of attention. Absolutely all topics of conversation are reduced to her pregnancy, everyone is asking about it, worried. She calls this secret community, which she even had no idea before pregnancy. The first four months when the stomach is not visible it is concealed his position, and already more sense to hide was not. Ali says many people gave her advice on how to take care of your body and health, but she never listened. From childhood she was accustomed always to control yourself and your body, too, understands how to keep in order. Sometimes it happens that the people inside the tummy makes its own rules and desires, only in this case she can give in and go against their principles.

At one point Ashley started to quickly gain weight and she doesn’t have anyone to talk about it, just to discuss. Then her stylist offered to find friends and discuss with them the problems of moms. Unfortunately, Graham has no married friends, and especially with children. But at the moment she has 9 new friends who like her, are currently in position. So lonely Ashley himself no longer feels.

The model also said that once at a fashion show she was approached by Kim Kardashian, and noticed that Ashley looks does not matter, encouraging her. Kim said that would not have been a difficult pregnancy, the delivery can go quickly and easily. This idea Graham now constantly scrolls in my head. The celebrity also said that he tries to listen to the advice of others, but never over himself if to do something she does not want.

The model revealed the secret to a journal, and announced the baby’s gender. It will be a boy, and to be born he shall, at the time 11 Jan. Zodiac sign the baby will be a Capricorn, just like his father.

By the way, Ashley and your spouse met already in 2005 on the threshold of one of the churches of the United States. Graham then worked as a volunteer of the Church of Manhattan and met parishioners at the threshold, greeted them and helped with different issues. Justin this Sunday also came to Church, but he has failed even to enter into it, as it was divan acquaintance with his new friend. In the evening, a guy found a girl on Facebook and invited her to drink tea at one of the cafes of the city. A year later, the young lovebirds were married.

Journalists asked Ashley if she was trying once to lose weight? Model replied that Yes, she had tried many diets and sports activities. However, it never brought any visible results, even when it was necessary for my work. She believes that her stature and can not be otherwise, because she grew up exactly like this, fed with corn. As soon as the girl began to love myself and accept your body, it is much easier to live and work. At this point her career went up.

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