«Стыдно!»: Эдгард Запашный затаил обиду на Cirque du Soleil
The trainer told about such an insult.

Edgard Zapashny

Photo: @zapashny.ru Instagram

More recently in capital the premiere of the new Cirque du Soleil — “OVO”. Edgard Zapashny was among the guests who had the chance were among the first to see the unique view of the life of insects. A star, the audience received great pleasure from the show, but Edgard has left the building of the Palace of sports “Luzhniki” shortly after the start of the action. About the reasons he said on the official page in social networks.

As it turned out, the trainer came to the proposal of colleagues at the official invitation of Cirque du Soleil. But the organizers for some reason, according to zapashnogo, gave him almost the worst seats in the auditorium. Given the availability, Edgard took this match for trying to cause offense. The idea he left after 15 minutes after the start of the show.

“Exactly 15 minutes ago the Cirque du Soleil show, and exactly a month and a half ago my brother received a formal invitation: “Dear brothers zapashnye! I have the honour to invite you… Choose…” In General, we chose. Sent us eight tickets. Now go to the “Luzhniki”, and ushers wary look and say, “Guys, maybe this is not your tickets?” Then again catching up and said: “Let, we again check! We are probably the sector was wrong and that’s not where you were sent?” No, it all turned out. We go to the auditorium, and he half-empty: there are places in the stalls, the tip is generally not all sold, and my brother got the worst seats! View a plan of the auditorium, and you’ll understand! Du Soleil, thank you very much! We now go to you will be by ticket only!” — said Edgard. Your post he was accompanied by the hashtag: “shame on you” and “thank you, we do”.