As Todorenko, Klyaver and Suhankina save on summer vacation

Как Тодоренко, Клявер и Суханкина сэкономили на летнем отдыхе “StarHit” found out how much money is left in your wallet at the famous artists. Regina todorenko, Denis Klyaver, Margarita Suhankina and Anastasia Makeeva revealed some of the tricks that helped them to save money earned during vacation.
Как Тодоренко, Клявер и Суханкина сэкономили на летнем отдыхе

Many look forward to summer to go on vacation near the sea. Celebrities are no exception. Regina todorenko visited the Indonesian island of Bali, Denis Klyaver with the family traditionally went to the beaches of Spain, Margarita Suhankina first flew with children abroad, and Anastasia Makeeva went to Africa. Very often, campers do not skimp on entertainment and spend everything literally to the last penny. “StarHit” decided to discover how famous people were able to save your budget from ruin.


60 000 the singer has kept in the family budget due to the change of the resort. “Early for children I chose Russian beaches – says “StarHit” Suhankina. I thought kids hard to bear the difference in climatic zones.

Как Тодоренко, Клявер и Суханкина сэкономили на летнем отдыхе
Как Тодоренко, Клявер и Суханкина сэкономили на летнем отдыхеBut this year we first went together in the Sunny Bulgaria. From entertainment Lera we prefer ponies, so no riding on the shore was not. And with the son we are addicted to fishing. First time, remember, the catch was notable – 30 large perch weighing about 25 kg. Now go fishing more modest, but still 7 delicious fish for dinner got. Financial conclusion for me is obvious: our resorts – not cheap, let’s go abroad!”

Margarita Suhankina: “When I’m filming, the kids worry about me a lot”


Как Тодоренко, Клявер и Суханкина сэкономили на летнем отдыхе

9800 RUBLES Teleputeshestviya benefit on the surfing lessons at the fabulous Bali. “When translating Indonesian rupiahs into roubles turns out about the same amount – says “StarHit” leading.

To reduce the cost helped little trick. A well-deserved rest I combined with my birthday. And if you are around friends, they just pay your surfing lessons. Built such a selfish plan, going on a trip”.

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Как Тодоренко, Клявер и Суханкина сэкономили на летнем отдыхе

20 000 remained in the purse of actress thanks to the generous gifts of friends. “Almost before leaving to Tunisia, I realized that for rest my head of attribute – swimsuit – shares with “StarHit” Nastya.

With all the variety of an assortment find fashionable, and most importantly, quality is not an easy task. I got off a leg, while running to the shops, and almost desperate! But then came to the aid of my girls – two beautiful designer, and the problem was solved. Now in the beach wardrobe has a glamorous green bikini and exotic dark.”


150 000 musician saved on holiday in Spain. “We prefer not to settle in luxurious hotels with all inclusive service and shoot apartments in this wilderness, in the village, – says Denis.

Terms of some local and near almost always, gorgeous market with fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables. Self-cooking these delights takes two seconds. This holiday gives you more experience and allows you to feel the national character.”