Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

Kendall Jenner

Celebrities are human beings like us, and this means that, despite the photoshop, army of makeup artists, nutritionists and beauticians, as well as unlimited access to the most expensive beauty tools, many of them struggle with various skin issues like cystic acne, acne or psoriasis. They cause inflammation of the ointment, taking selfies without makeup and post them in front of millions of followers in Instagram. SPLETNIK.RU tells about celebrities that remind perfectionists that public people also have the right to imperfection, and taught us all not to be shy of skin problems.

Katy Perry

The bride-to-be Orlando bloom in the clips looks perfect, but in fact, the star has long been struggling with the hated pimples. Recently Katy Perry spoke about his love for Proactiv, a healthy diet and cleansing tools:
Due to bad skin I always wanted to hide somewhere. I could go to bed and to lie all day, if my face was a pimple. I’m very shy, so before I had to put a thick layer of makeup to hide the scars and scars from acne. When you are struggling with pimples, do not feel free.

Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

Kim Kardashian

The dermatologist diagnosed psoriasis Kim nine years ago. In 2011, the star spoke frankly about the disease in the air the reality show. Recall, the disease is considered incurable. Treatment helps to temporarily relieve the symptoms of the disease, but soon irritation appear again. So, with the arrival of spring, we strive worsened rash. Kardashian tried different treatments, from light therapy and ointments to detox cocktails, but to take the disease under control until she failed.

According to star, she had to do cortisone injections to get rid of psoriatic spots on the hips, reduce the pain and smooth the skin.

Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

Chrissy Teigen

It seems that the model does not have any secrets from his fans. She’s already showed the world your stretch marks on hips, she appeared after her pregnancy, talked about their plastic surgery, posted not one selfie without photoshop and filters.

The star is not pretending that she is perfect and without its share of embarrassment shows on my acne on the nose, cheeks and chin, which arise before her menstruation. Redness, irritation and flaking — all, and millions of ordinary girls around the world.

Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

Lucy Hale

The actress also speaks openly about their shortcomings. The star of the show “pretty little liars” (Pretty Little Liars) published a picture, showing off his not-so-glamorous efforts in the fight against acne. She “marked” rash white cream to make them a little dry:
Skin problems began at the age of 21 — there are cystic acne. The day I turned 21, my skin just went crazy. Only recently I became a responsible approach to skin care and found the products that really work. Large cysts are formed deep under the skin and, as a rule, extremely sensitive to touch, so you can’t just grab and squeeze them. If you try to do it at home, you also risk to worsen the situation and cause infection. Unfortunately, cystic acne there is no universal cure.


Singer calls make my skin for what it is. This, according to her, will make her feel confident and beautiful. In Instagram the star has repeatedly posted posts with detailed stories about your battle with acne. One day she told me about how hurtful advice people give to those who suffer from acne.

Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

Lying under the lamp blue and red light, the Lord complained to his followers on his prolonged struggle with bad skin and told how tactless can be seemingly harmless advice:
Mean it: acne sucks. You know what else sucks? That although you years and years of struggling with acne and have tried all the possible medicines and remedies, and people continue to say: “I Know what worked for me? Hydration!”, “Make a mask from honey, yogurt and avocado!”, “All you need is: apricot scrub!”, “Coconut oil secret, coconut oil!”

Kendall Jenner

Kendall admitted that pimples in the whole face appeared for the first time in her 14 years.
I stayed home and cried. And the other members of my family such skin problems were not. I distinctly remember being invited to a Justin Bieber concert and had to walk the red carpet with a scattering of pimples on her face — she recalled.

At 21, the acne came back because of hormones and stress. The star was the highest paid model in fashion and has signed a contract with Estee Lauder. Now she’s still struggling with the scars and marks of acne left after her nearly decade-long battle with acne.

Jenner has repeatedly said that to get rid of pimples with laser treatments, peels and a private dermatologist. And recently, Kendall became the face of brand of means for acne treatment Proactiv.

Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

Rachel Bloom

The Creator and performer of the title role in the TV series “Crazy ex” (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) also knows firsthand what is hormonal acne. The actress, which, by the way, a great sense of humor, not scrupulously washing his acne in the “Pasture”, and encourages us all to follow her example and not to sweat the small stuff.

Cameron Diaz

In his book “Body: the law of hunger, the science of strength and other ways to love your amazing body” 2014 Cameron spoke about her struggle with acne in adolescence:
I had terrible skin. It was awkward, embarrassed and upset, and I always felt very bad about it. While I was eating burgers, burritos, onion rings and fries, my skin was in a terrible state. It seemed that I did everything in order to cope with this problem, but the acne was with me in high school, and 20 years old when I started modeling and acting career. It was very difficult to hide them in front of the camera, I was horrified, embarrassed and felt bad.

Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

Belle Lucia

For many years I struggled with acne as a young girl, they affected not only the face but also the chest and back. It deeply affected my self-esteem, and as a result I had to abandon the career of a model. I wish then someone came up to me and said that appearance does not define you, and even models you see in advertising are not perfect. Don’t be ashamed of your skin,

— told the star.

Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

Lily Reinhart

The actress is not shy to talk about their cystic acne in Instagram. She frankly admits that struggling with them for many years:

The first time I had acne, I was in seventh grade, I developed body dysmorphic disorder. Every time I get a big zit, I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror. I try not to photograph myself, I don’t want to go public, and I want to hide my face from everyone. But you have to understand that I can’t afford to have pimples on my face to decide what I do and where I go. Star says now does not use the dense-masking tools as before, and focuses on treating dried products.

Как звезды учат нас не стесняться проблем с кожей

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