As the pregnancy did Serena Williams stronger

Как беременность сделала Серену Уильямс сильнее

Known 36-year-old tennis player Serena Williams in an interview for fashion magazine Vogue has described what complications it was found during childbirth. This story was the beginning of the stories of other women, that Serena thanked those for being Frank on his page in Facebook. Williams also told how pregnancy has made her stronger.

Как беременность сделала Серену Уильямс сильнее

“I didn’t expect my birth story and all the difficulties that have arisen in the process, will cause such a response from a large number of women, especially black women. According to the centers for disease control, black women are three times as likely white to die from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Let me explain: every mother, regardless of nationality or origin, deserve a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. My personal experience has not been wonderful, but this is MY experience, and I’m glad I went through all of that. It made me stronger. Now I appreciate all women — no matter they have children or not. We are strong!!!” says Serena.

Now the tennis player and her daughter feel well. However, the baby teething, for which the mother is very nervous. “Cutting teeth, aka the devil is so difficult,” says the tennis star. “Poor Alexis Olympia restless. She’s crying (she never cries) I have to hold her until she falls asleep. I’ve already tried the amber beads… cold towels…give her to chew on fingers…homeopathic water, but nothing works. It just breaks my heart.”

“I need my mom to come and tuck me to bed, because I’m really nervous. Help. Anyone?” asked for help from its subscribers Williams.

Fans immediately responded to the call of help and offered his solution to the problem. They offered little to chew on frozen fruit to the coolness soothed the pain of cutting teeth. It is worth noting that motherhood for Williams was not so easy, because this is not the first time she appeals to his “colleagues” mothers for help. For example, recently the player was faced with her feelings during breastfeeding Alexis Olympia.

“Girlfriends mom: How long were you breast fed? writes Williams in his Twitter account put up a picture of my little girl resting in her arms. “It is strange that I feel a lot of emotions when I even think about the fact that I have to stop breastfeeding?” Many moms shared their experiences in breastfeeding, and even Broadway star Audra McDonald decided to tell about her. “I breastfed my eldest daughter until she was 2 years old. Still feeding my annuals,” she writes. “You’ll know when the time will come to stop. Enjoy! She’s just beautiful!”