Как лидер Rammstein отреагировал на беременность Светланы Лободы?
A friend of the singer has shared the secret.

Как лидер Rammstein отреагировал на беременность Светланы Лободы?

Svetlana Loboda and till Lindemann

Photo: Social networks

Fans of Svetlana Loboda for several months wondering: who is the father of her second child? In the press the information that the singer gave birth to a child from the soloist Rammstein — till Lindemann. But these assumptions are based solely on rumors and speculation. The Svetlana has never commented on their relationship with the popular artist. But the producer Loboda — Natella Krapivina, who is also her close friend, recently spoke about the reaction Tilla on the paternity attributed to him.

As told Natella, Lindemann saw the headlines in the German press about the pregnancy of Svetlana. He soon wrote Loboda message with the following text: “”do You want international success? Here it is. Enjoy!”

Other secrets Natella did not disclose. Loboda, in the words of a friend, carefully protected private life from other interventions. “I respect the personal space of Svetlana and don’t ask her too many questions. Know that the Light is in a relationship, but I can’t comment on anything because it’s her territory. I never go there. First, it’s easier for me. Second, the story of Till too beautiful in itself” — quoted Krapivin Karabas.live.

Svetlana Loboda and newborn daughter

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram Svetlana Loboda

Meanwhile, recently it became known that she spent on childbirth in America about three million rubles. After the birth of the younger daughter Loboda came out of maternity leave, but did not interrupt breastfeeding. Loboda has lined up the schedule so that every other day with my daughter. When she is away, it sends a milk baby Express delivery. “Now many ways to preserve milk and to transmit over large distances,” says the singer.

The most interesting facts Loboda yet keeps secret. She confirms that the father of her second child — the lead singer of Rammstein till Lindemann. Also, Svetlana is silent about how named newborn daughter, while assuring that very soon this will be known.