Как французский запрет буркини повлиял на общество

A law banning burkini on some beaches in Europe has acquired a new turn. After the police fined a Muslim woman in a bathing suit, to protect Islamic traditions arose, people in other countries.

Not the first week of discussing the topic ban burkini (Muslim closed bathing suit), who introduced some of the beaches of France and in several other resorts in Corsica. Authorities believe the law is necessary in order for the safety of locals and tourists.

Muslims reasonably considered this decision a violation of freedom. “If you can swim naked, why not swim fully dressed?” told reporters “Вести.Ru” one of the women.

Today oil was added to the fire case on the promenade des Anglais in nice, when four police officers asked the woman to remove outer clothing burkini right on the beach and pay a fine of 38 euros for violating the French law.

After the news from nice, appeared in the media, on the protection of Muslim women arose, politicians and women, not Muslim.

French businessman of Algerian origin Rachid Nekkaz in an interview with The Telegraph said he was ready to pay fines for women in burkini, only to be left alone. And beach attire of Muslim women has broken sales records! Edition the Independent reported that Britain over a few days managed to sell all new summer collection burqini Marks & Spencer. This was confirmed by the sellers Muslim swimwear in other stores around the world. The Creator of the online store Ahiida Ahed Zanetti admitted that almost half of its customers buys burqini not because of religious beliefs, but because it’s beautiful.

In Russia the initiative to ban the burqini is also reacted with incomprehension.

“I believe that is a cardinal, not quite the right measure. It is impossible to break the religious foundations of the people. So the problems are not solved. Instead promote morality the European authorities to break the inner core held spiritual people,” – commented on the Woman’s Day Rima Allamova, fashion designer and Creator of the brand of clothing for Muslim women Rimma Allyamova. Her clothes, by the way, is very popular among women who want to look more feminine.

And how at us?

Editor of Woman’s Day in Kazan Julia Potasova also surprised when we asked how to relate to girls in a burqini in the city where two religions peacefully coexist.

“Kazan is a city where tolerance is built into the cult. And while we remember that we have a secular state, on the streets you can meet the girls in long skirts and with covered heads.

There will always be people who will grumble in the direction of “closed” girls, but by and large, dissatisfaction is reduced only to the fact that “our grandmothers didn’t go. These outfits are really beautiful, the demand for products of the national designers is there and we have even held the festival of Muslim fashion. But why go far, just in my closet the three gowns from shops for Oriental women. Lovely outfit for an evening of jazz, for example. Moreover, for example, turbans are now worn not only Muslim women but also women of different nationalities and religion.

I think a situation similar to the one that occurred in nice, it is simply impossible in Kazan. However, and women in burkini at the Kazan beaches while no one was looking. I think a true Muslim not just go to a regular beach town. Where will she go? For example, in the pool. In some basins of Kazan there is a special program for Muslim women, they dedicated hours or even days – at this time women are sure that men will not prevent them to do fitness.

Neither I nor any of my friends never confused with those girls around. They quietly go on public transport, go shopping and take walks in parks. In the end what to wear and how to look is a personal matter”.

What emotions you cause women in burkini on the beach?

  • I really like the burqini! I would wear this suit
  • Treat women in burkini with understanding. The principles, developed over the centuries, no need to change
  • Treat women in burkini with understanding, but they scare me
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