As the fate of the most beautiful girls of the Soviet cinema

Как сложились судьбы самых красивых девочек советского кино “In my death I ask blame Klava K.”, “the adventures of Pinocchio”, “over the Rainbow” and many other children’s films will be remembered to the audience and has not lost relevance to this day. In the program “Hello, Andrew!” on “Russia 1” the most beautiful girls of Soviet films told, what was their fate after the peak of glory.
Как сложились судьбы самых красивых девочек советского кино

In the beginning of the program “Hello, Andrew!” singer of the iconic roles in children’s films said: after the resounding success they wrote hundreds of thousands of fans. In his Epistles, fans of the young stars have expressed words of love and admiration. Despite this, the young actress was often cast an acting career.

For example, Nadezhda Gorshkova played the main role in the film “In my death I ask blame Klava K.”, after all-Union glory abruptly disappeared. As the actress confessed she didn’t like her role, her warm feelings for the main character, played by Vladimir Shevelkov, she did not feel. Even the first kiss in the film was through the finger. Gorshkova without regret left her career of actress, she decided to be on the right side of the screen. Most of the time Hope spends in Cyprus. Her colleague Vladimir Shevelkov also decided to leave the craft of acting and engaged in carrier business.

Как сложились судьбы самых красивых девочек советского кино

The girl with blue hair and huge eyes that resembled a kind of real doll, Tatiana Protsenko played the role of Malvina at the tale “Buratino’s adventures”. She also had thousands of letters with declarations of love – after the release of this movie. “I played so great! Nothing we were doing it, with us just immersed in the story,” recalled Protsenko.

After a whirlwind start, the actress was injured and no longer able to act in films.

“I fell, crashed… Like a doll… the Director decided that more should not be removed. Because it is a great exercise. After my refusal I had to rewrite the script. I was supposed to play little Red riding Hood, instead I adopted the Yana Poplavskaya. Got completely different Red, such fighting!” – shared Tatiana.
Как сложились судьбы самых красивых девочек советского кино

After suffering a fame Tatiana got a job as a editor at one media outlet. There she met her future husband Alexey Voytyuk, which, incidentally, also became famous after the role of Ivan the foundling in “After rain on Thursday”. The couple are raising three children.

Also in the Studio program there is another beauty of Soviet cinema – Ekaterina Parfenova. The actress played does Baranovym in the legendary film “over the rainbow”.

“It’s hard to say who is more loved. We are different… Dima was in love with girls, me boys,” said Catherine.

“He wrote of a company of soldiers. This image is from the film so memorable to people. I still write to people and say that the image of Dasha, they really helped in my life,” shared Catherine.
Как сложились судьбы самых красивых девочек советского кино

Today, Catherine lives in London. She was married to a powerful lawyer, but soon broke up with him. From this Union have Parfyonov had two children: Alex and Lisa. Ex-husband moved to the United States. As recognized by the former actress, her heart is free. Now she spends a lot of time with children and doing charity work.

“With her first husband, we divorced seven years ago. People get divorced, it happens, billionaires divide the property… Husband was one of the best lawyers in the world. It was a marriage of high level”, – Parfyonov admitted.
Как сложились судьбы самых красивых девочек советского кино

Another beauty of Soviet cinema – Inga Tretyakova. She played a girl with big eyes – Eugene in the film “Timur and his team”. After early success the young artist has also disappeared from the screens. As found by the creators of the show, a woman nearly 20 years living in Spain, where she married a German who is younger than her 15 years. Tretyakov involved in staging a dance show. The woman admitted that she wants to take a SIP once more the spectator of the glory. And said that my husband in awe of the fact that he lives with the actress of the Soviet cinema.

Как сложились судьбы самых красивых девочек советского кино

The movie “the adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina” won the love of viewers of the Soviet Union virtually overnight. The main female role in the film was played by Inga ILM. In the smartest girl in love with the entire Soviet Union. After a bright start Inga worked in television, but in the end decided to leave public profession. Today Ilim lives in Rome, works as a certified critic. Inga said via teleconference guests and characters of the show that at the present time in any case should not be given to children in the cinema. According to women, times have changed, after shooting the child’s psyche can be seriously damaged.