Как сложились судьбы участниц группы «Комбинация» The Studio program “Hello, Andrew!”gathered women, which went crazy the whole country. Alena Apina and Tatyana Ivanova many others told about what was their touring days, and it is now living the ex-soloist of one of the most popular groups of the USSR.
Как сложились судьбы участниц группы «Комбинация»

In the early 90’s the group “Combination” was considered almost the most popular in the Soviet Union. Songs of the group with a clear social message is still heard in discos. This year the team celebrates its 30th anniversary, and in this regard, in the Studio of “Hello, Andrew!”gathered the most famous of its participants.

So, the guest of the programme was Alyona Apina, which is still actively performing throughout Russia. Appeared on the program and Tatiana Ivanov, who is considered a permanent soloist of the group. Women admitted that through the years they were able to bring not only a love of music and friendship.

Как сложились судьбы участниц группы «Комбинация»“We have a very close, friendly relationship, almost a family. We meet on the set, perform together, talk a lot. Even our daughters are friends,” said Apina in the broadcast transmission.

However, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the band in the Studio going, even those participating in the “Combination”, which for a long time nothing was heard. Svetlana Kashina, replaced in the team Alain Apina, now lives in his native Nizhny Tagil. She has two children and works as a teacher at the local musical College.

“I think if I hadn’t left Moscow, I wouldn’t have children. So then I made a very good decision. I live modestly, like most citizens of our country. However, I did not hesitate. I am very proud of my work and family,” said Kashin.
Как сложились судьбы участниц группы «Комбинация»

The singer left the band a year after the producer of “the Combination” Alexander Shishenin was brutally murdered in his apartment building. Despite the fact that investigating law enforcement agencies have been doing for many years, the perpetrators have not been caught. In the program put forward the hypothesis about the fact that the man had a premonition of his death, so shortly before the tragedy tried to buy a gun.

Another participant of legendary group Kotulicova Julia now lives in Italy. She married a local resident and have never regretted that changed nationwide popularity for simple woman’s happiness.

“I work as a assistant dentist. Specially traveled to Genoa to be trained for this specialty. The doctor with whom I work knows about my musical past, so it constantly asks to put patients some songs, old clips. My husband and I met when he came to Saratov, met just a month, and then got married. I didn’t have gorgeous wedding dresses, but it was love,” recalls Julia.
Как сложились судьбы участниц группы «Комбинация»

Keyboardist Svetlana Costica now lives in Saratov. She left the band in 1992 and now works in his hometown librarian. The woman said that sometimes misses the old of popularity and girlfriends from the team, but still happy how there was her life.

“I arrange book exhibition to give children books. I have a liberal arts education, where else would I go? Yeah, I stayed in his native Saratov, life happened, but I’m satisfied,” – said Kostya.

By the way, very soon the group “the Combination” will go on a big tour, timed to the 30th anniversary concert activities. Fans of pop stars hope they will be able to collect all the old structure and will be performing all your favorite hits.