Как дочь Алексея Панина реагирует на злостные высказываниями про отца

9-year-old niusia Panina, the daughter of a famous actor and brawler, said in an interview with Starhit, as she struggles with the statements of the haters about my dad and how these comments are “ruining her mood.” The girl told reporters about his love of learning at school, what her plans for the future and how became friends with the new lover of his father.

Как дочь Алексея Панина реагирует на злостные высказываниями про отца

In an interview, the journalist asked the daughter Panin, does it have a page in social networks Instagram or Facebook? Fans of the actor know that the NYSE has microblogging in these networks, but due to the struggle of the mother and father for her custody, and participation in the programs, the girl hid profiles, “so that people all sorts of nonsense did not write about dad,” says the heiress Panina readers. “To me it spoils the mood. No one but me knows what it really is. I love him, he is the most person close to me.”

Alexey Panin decided to give a review that would explain how recent events in their life affect her daughter. The actor tries to explain to her daughter that it is not necessary to pay attention to detractors on the Internet, so their comments should not affect their lives. Moreover, Alex noticed that in real life, unlike virtual, quite the opposite. “People come up, smile and ask for autographs, want to take pictures… your Daughter is watching and understands this: love daddy.”

But in real life without negativity is not enough. “A couple of times nyusya heard women at the Playground in her presence discussed that I took her away from mom, but fortunately an isolated case,” says the star.

Как дочь Алексея Панина реагирует на злостные высказываниями про отца

Also, the girl with pleasure has told about his relationship with new girlfriend Panina make — up artist Olga, with whom he met two months. The NUS said that he had met a girl a little earlier popes, for 10 minutes before they met. As she says daughter Panina, “Well, Yes, good girl, good. We had the roller skating.” Moreover, recently, the three returned from a holiday in the Crimea, where the girl brought a lot of pictures.

Panin also commented on the expense of the relationship his daughter and the new girl: “I am delighted that Olga and daughter found a common language, but by and large I’m not one of those fathers, for whom the child’s opinion when choosing the second half of the primary. Even if girls do not get along, would still be with Olga”.

NUS told the publication that he loves to listen to the lessons of literature and to play dodgeball in gym class. Her favorite book to read “dunno on the moon”. But learning Russian it is a problem — the girl can’t remember the spelling rules. But the school she goes with pleasure, although expressed dissatisfaction in such a small amount of output.

The love for cinema Panina was passed to his successor. To the question: “what do you want to become in future?” the girl responds, “the Actress, because it is possible to live several lives for each character. Or operator: I like to take pictures and shoot videos on the phone.” Moreover, her dad’s got enough ties. Says the actor himself: “not one of those parents who obnarujivaetsya and says they say, let the child does everything himself. When there is an opportunity to help, why not? If the daughter is now enrolled in the Shchukin school, I would have whispered to Vladimir Etush, to have looked into it. For many years we were friends, he like a grandpa to me”.

The actor not so long ago appeared on broadcast together with her daughter, where she talked about her desire to live with his father. Alexey Panin apologized for his scandal video is available on the Internet, accusing those who posted these videos online.