Как Талькова-младшего обманули на программе Дмитрия Шепелева

The son of the musician Igor Talkov was deceived by the promoters Dmitry Shepelev “really” channel. Last week were shooting a release about the circumstances of the death of his famous father Talkov, to which were invited his son from the Crimea, where it passes round. The musician did not receive the promised fee, because of which agreed to come.

Как Талькова-младшего обманули на программе Дмитрия Шепелева

The deceit consisted in the fact that the invited guest with a star name, just not paid the promised fee. Talc Jr. was brought from the Crimea, but he agreed only for a large fee. In the end, the musician did not receive the promised money, and did not show up on set, but not for revenge to the organizers.

The show was not just the main participant in the scandalous story, but the other witness — Aziz singer and mistress of singer Elena Kondaurova. They even managed to put on a lie detector, where they answered questions relating to the death of the musician. Because of this, the program pulls in the first place of scandal in the ratings of the “First channel”. Moreover, this is not the first issue that receives such a title. “Actually” leading “with Dmitry Shepelev” for a long time carries with it the glory of the most controversial, despite the fact that the program is still quite new.

“The team really brought Shepelev Igor in the Studio from the Crimea, where he is now touring with his band.” it confirms the received information is an insider. “He is the film promised a good fee. For the money he agreed to arrive on time in Moscow. We all know that, despite the loud name, he lives not richly. On the program he had to tell his story, causing his father died. The entire broadcast Igor sat backstage, waiting for its release. But Shepelev never called him in the Studio!”.

It turned out that the version of his father’s death Talkov just not needed, because the stories and dialogues with singer Aziza and mistress Kondaurova was sufficient. The audience was able to hear an interesting version of Mark Rudinstein, who said that the death Talkov was framed floral magnate for revenge.
Material is quite and the whole team during the shoot decided not to call the son of a famous artist in the Studio. That as it on the screen was not, according to the organizers, the fee to pay was not for that. It turned ugly, as talc has come a long way from the Crimea.


Not only talc was unhappy, but the singer Aziz expressed his dissatisfaction with the show. She passed a polygraph test, which then issued a verdict that the singer is hiding something. But in the words of the artist herself, “this is all a sham. Show. Both the leading and the experts play their roles. I was asked to come back Igor Talkov Jr. We are friends. I came. But for some reason it was never called in the Studio. It is disrespectful not even to Igor, but the memory of his father.”