Как Светлане Лободе удалось обвести всех «вокруг пальца»?
The singer told, how to keep a perfect shape in pregnancy.

Svetlana Loboda and Eros, Ramazzotti

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram

Svetlana Loboda hid the pregnancy until the seventh month, which is practically impossible for a public figure. After all, the fans and the secular reporters pore over every appearances of artists, suspecting their pregnancy in any case. Loboda with the help of outfits a boxy hid from others growing bump. In many ways, the singer managed to pull it off thanks to their miniature forms. Even in pregnancy, the singer continues to remain very slim. What is the secret Loboda?

Svetlana said that to maintain the perfect shape she has help simple rules: proper diet and exercise. “Ian throughout his life followed the health, exercise and do daily exercises to strengthen the back and neck to always be in shape.Mandatory daily exercises and proper nutrition regardless of what position you are,” — said the actress in a recent interview for kp.ua.

Svetalana recently flew to Los Angeles, where likely to give birth to their second child. About the father of the unborn baby is not known. Rumor has it that they may be the frontman of Rammstein — till Lindemann, however, this information is questionable. First Svetlana and Tilla were seen together only once, and secondly in an interview last year, the singer, describing the image of an ideal partner, said that he should not belong to the world of show business. Apparently, the artist does not intend to declassify the real father of the unborn child. By the way, according to the assumptions of the media, Loboda expecting a boy. In an interview on the eve of the New year, she said: “It would be great if Eva has a baby brother!”