Как Сьюзан Финкбайнер изучает бабочек и дефилирует на Неделе моды

30-year-old entomologist, University of Chicago Susan Finkbeiner leads a double life. At a time when she is not studying butterflies in the tropical forests of Central and South America, she works as a model at fashion Week. Some time ago, Susan signed a contract with the modeling Agency of Massachusetts, and in addition to the academic work of eminent defile on the podium. Says the girl herself, the heels do not interfere with her doing things you love.

Как Сьюзан Финкбайнер изучает бабочек и дефилирует на Неделе моды

“I know at a good level doing science, and are very pleased with how are my research. Several times I was brought to the laboratory of high-heeled shoes and did laboratory work in them,” he told Susan about themselves journalists.

Recently Finkbeiner participated in two fashion Week in London and during the flight from the US to the UK read the scientific literature, reports the Chicago Tribune. “I will never forget the first time appeared on the catwalk. The music plays, the hall filled with people, light is directed to my face… I got a shot of adrenaline. Was excited and scared. But I like all of it,” – admitted Finkbeiner.

Susan deals with the study of butterflies and has a bachelor’s degree in the field of entomology Cornell University, and a Ph. D. in ecology and evolutionary biology, University of California. “I always knew I wanted to do science, to work in the tropics, and to be in academia,” says the young scientist.

Says the winner of several scientific awards and grants, is becoming a model she was not planned. Friends the girls decided to insist that Susan tried her in the modeling business. “It was a crazy idea. I was sure that the Agency that turned me down, but they signed a contract with me. And when invited to work at fashion Week in London, it took me several days to believe it. But two months ago I was doing research in the jungle! Receiving recognition as a model, I realized that I can change some of the stereotypes about women. You can be smart and beautiful at the same time. Not all models have one only an attractive appearance,” said Susan Finkbeiner.