Как звезды меряют съемные импланты

Famous models and beauty Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen constantly share with your subscribers fashion news and trends. So this time the girls were able to surprise the public, showing a new trend of summer 2018. He was insanely surprised subscribers, but very interested in the community.

Как звезды меряют съемные импланты

Simon heck, owner of Command PR Agency believes in the future of body modification, which now are popular among the very brave, will become the norm. He decided to attach people to the new product and to show that dental implants are beautiful. Heck created an experimental project called A. Human, which was supported by such stars as Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Andrea Pejic. “If you change the body it would be as easy as changing clothes, this would lead to the fact that the appearance ceased to have value or, conversely, would mean everything? A. introducing Human — fashion brand from the future, where self-expression is not determined by what you put on the body, and how you change it” — reflects about body modifications, heck. Also welcomes the project site visitors.

Как звезды меряют съемные импланты
“When you think about the future, it is likely you seem to be some dark world consumed by technological innovation. I wanted to do something in such a world would look like if not optimistic, then at least neutral. That, in my opinion, and is fashion in the world of the future,” says a longtime friend of the Kardashian-Jenner.

Kim supports his friend and introduced choker, plastic, flesh-colored, which can also glow in the dark to the beat of her heart.

English fashion designer tan France also tried a “hack” Hack. He loved ornament, which has offered to advertise on instagram. It is called The Tudor looks like a mix of jellyfish, wound around the neck of the designer, as well as white crystals. Of course, for a more “natural” Luke used a tinted moisturizer and cosmetics that help you to “attach” the decoration to the parts of the body. Tan encourages everyone to visit the store which opens at fashion week in new York.

To buy jewelry until that impossible, but soon you just like the stars will be able to modify your body. 5 September on the streets of new York city open shop A. Human, where everyone, for a small amount, can make a removable implant. To buy a ticket that will provide entry to the store first, already on the site.

Really think only Internet users that are not deep enough familiarized with the project. Name can be also a theatrical performance. September 5, candidates will be able to enjoy a show featuring professional actors and decorations of the future.