Как принцу Гарри и Меган Маркл удавалось так долго скрывать свои отношения?

Every week on news portals there is a new information about the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and former actress Meghan Markle, as well as details of the life of the Royal family. But it was not always so. Until November 2016, when his novel the pair officially confirmed, the affair was suspected only the most attentive fans of red-haired grandson of Elizabeth II. Lovers masterfully concealed his affair. To find out how the pair managed so long to hide their romance from the press and the public helped the author of “Harry: the life, loss and love” Kate Nicole.

Как принцу Гарри и Меган Маркл удавалось так долго скрывать свои отношения?

The writer told how the world became known on the novel of Prince Harry and stars of the series “Force majeure” and what inspired Prince to make an unprecedented public statement in support of his beloved. As the author writes in his book, Harry managed a few months to meet a girl without publicity in the press. Once it became known about the leak of information about the affair to the press, Prince Harry leapt into action. He immediately canceled his trip to Toronto to make it look like he stayed in the UK.

Then the paparazzi took up the mission “revelations of love” and began to patrol the house of the actress. To help a couple friends Ben and Jessica Mulroney, who offered to stay at home to hide the affair. “Harry came to visit with a whole bag of gifts (Mulroney the couple have three children. — Approx. ed.) and he charmed them. I think it was then that Megan fell in love with Harry,” said the insider.

After a while, Megan asked to leave by the Directors of the series “Force majeure” to go to her lover in London. However, the trip was not pleasant, it was overshadowed by the sudden news. Tabloid the Sun has published information that says about a new candid shots with Megan on porn sites. Oboronny the behavior of the media, Prince Harry made a statement in defense of his beloved in the official Twitter-account of Kensington Palace. As stated by the younger grandson of the Queen, his girlfriend was a “victim of harassment and abuse”.

Как принцу Гарри и Меган Маркл удавалось так долго скрывать свои отношения?
“He asked that this statement was certainly published to journalists who have become authors of the scandalous stories about his beloved, he thought, and stopped to besmirch her honor,” — said the source.

The statement of the Prince caused much debate in the media. Some supported the protection of love, the other condemned him for the deterioration of already tense relations between the Royal family and the press.

Despite the fact that even Prince William, who supported his brother and agreed that the media has gone too far, advised him to release a less emotional statement. However, in the gusts of rage the Prince didn’t stand on ceremony, and the words did not.

In the beginning of the relationship Harry and Megan have been through a lot. Despite all the hardships and unpleasant situations faced by the lovers, a former actress and the Prince soon getting married, the British just loved lady. “I Express my consent to the marriage of his most beloved grandson Prince Harry Charles albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle. This agreement shall be subject to the Great Seal and entered in the records of the Privy Council,” — said the Queen in her message that she sent to the Privy Council. A similar statement Elizabeth II did, and before the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011.