Как Пелагея похудела к новому «Голосу» “StarHit” learned what feeds the artist and what classes visited. A few months Pelageya regained its former shape after childbirth and impressed the audience with stunning views. This week viewers will see her on the air the main vocal show.
Как Пелагея похудела к новому «Голосу»

Last week started shooting the sixth season of the popular vocal show of the country. Viewers will find not only the return of the gold jury, but also the transformation of Pelagia, the only female mentor. The singer gave the daughter of hockey player Ivan Telegin in January of this year and just seven months returned to his old form, becoming even slimmer.

To lose weight after giving birth and come to its ideal weight is 55 kg with height 163 cm – wringing helped exercise and proper nutrition. The artist shall consult with the known dietitian Margarita Koroleva.

Как Пелагея похудела к новому «Голосу»“We work remotely regularly in touch, – has shared with “StarHit” the Queen. – Paul eats 5-6 times a day in small portions. Plus periodically fasting days. First option: during the day eats 5 egg whites and 5 grapefruit, alternating an hour and a half. Two: 4 cups of yogurt and 4 boiled potatoes. She also drinks 1.5–2 liters of water. With this system, accelerates the metabolism and detoxification of body toxins and excess fluid. The person loses weight and feels much better. Pelagia is great! Took capital. For the first time she came to me at 16. Then there was the man,”.

The muscle tone of the star support in the classes of Pilates. The singer is a regular client of monostori PMP. Copyright the program trains the owner – Denis Sychev. One session with him will cost 4500 rubles. Friends believe that the appearance of the mentor of “the Voice” effect and the motherhood.

Как Пелагея похудела к новому «Голосу»“For women it is the best incentive, – the friend of Yelena Belova. With the advent Taisia Field literally blossomed. If I can afford a sweet, much loved, Pelageya in this regard, the flint! Nothing more. She easy and healthy food – vegetables, fruits, dishes, steamed”.

Even in the filming of the show, which went from morning to night, the singer had not violated the regime. “Boxes with balanced dishes brought her personal administrator”, – told the “StarHit” at the site of the project.