Как Пол Маккартни однажды увидел Бога

The history of the legendary group The Beatles, wildly popular in the 60’s, continues to this day. So, Paul McCartney became famous as one of the great Quartet who did not use drugs. But many of these state the opposite and claim that Paul had used psychedelic drugs. Not always for fun, and more in order to withstand the toughest schedules. So Paul told The Sunday Times that during one of the “sessions” are even met with God.

Как Пол Маккартни однажды увидел Бога

“And I saw God, it was something incredible, towering over me and I felt how small I am. I want to say that my world is not overturned in a minute, but it was the key to everything. It was incredible! In front of me was a huge wall, the top of which I could not see, and I was standing at its very foot. Someone can say that this is just a reaction to adopted a drug hallucination, but we both [Paul McCartney and Robert Fraser, the famous London art dealer — approx. ed.] felt it, we were sure that he saw a higher power,” McCartney told reporters.

Recall, last month we had a secret concert in the famous Abbey Road Studios. The Studio was spotted Orlando bloom, johnny Depp, Kylie Minogue and rapper Stormzy. The daughter of a musician, designer Stella McCartney also gave some tip on the guest list with the help of instagram putting a video in which she, her father and friend Liv Tyler are in the Studio. By the way, Kylie Minogue was invited not as a guest and as the host of the concert. Paul himself personally greeted each of the guests, sending kisses and waving hands.

Concert for the McCartney gave not just. It it timed to the 50th anniversary of the Beatles ‘ Abbey Road. The album was recorded in the same Studio, which hosted the event. In his Instagram posted a video Floor as it passes over pedestrian crossing Abbey Road, just like on the cover of the legendary album.

Despite the fact that the band broke up many years ago, the musician still continues to earn on the songs, which were recorded at the perfect time.

But as it turned out, Paul receives royalties far for all the songs that he created. McCartney filed a lawsuit against the record company Sony/ATV, with the aim to regain copyrights to some band’s songs, written in collaboration with another ex-member of the “fab four” John Lennon. In the wrong hands the rights to the song were because of the same Sex: he gave them to various record companies.