As Nadezhda Rumyantseva was forced to cry stars of Indian cinema

Как Надежда Румянцева заставила рыдать звезд индийского кино
The actress had an incredible temperament.

Nadezhda Rumyantseva

About Nadezhda Rumyantseva says her friend, actress Tatyana Konyukhova.

“Nadya was just incredible, her anyone to compare it was impossible. Yes, it just one on the stage put, it the sponge will put “rosebud”, the eyes will blink and she’s already the Belle of the ball, all will go with her mind. If Nadia was laughing, everyone was laughing, but if was crying, it all came in sobs. She’s got these diamonds of the first water the size of peas rolled down his cheeks!”

Because of this their talents once she was brought to tears even stars of Indian cinema, which in the Soviet Union everyone just loved.

“When I arrived in Moscow Raj Kapoor with his partner Nargis, and the success they have in our country was incredible after the film “the Tramp”, they were asked to visit the higher school of cinematography, VGIK — watch the students, — says Tatiana. And it was decided to show them the course Bibikova and Pyzhova as the highest achievement of acting in the passage on the novel by Vera Panova, with Nadia in the lead role — she played a girl who got in the war all died, and it picks up a sanitary train. And only Nadya wept, then sobbed Nargis and could not stop. Then ran to the Ustina, began to hug and kiss and Kapoor approached them too nearly cried”.

In General, they left in complete awe of the talented Actresses of the Soviet…

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